Will I Remember???

When putting Jonas down to sleep tonight I couldn’t help but think, ‘how many more of these special moments do I have with my little guy’? I really enjoy this time with him and I don’t want this along with so many things he does these days to end. These small, repetitive routines are moments I will probably miss the most. And will I remember these moments? I’m scared shitless that I won’t. There’s so many things I feel I haven’t remembered and even things with Nola when she was this age.

There’s a whole slew of reasons why people write, but for me and right now, I write to remember moments with my family.

Tonight, along with most nights, he asks a lot of questions to put off falling asleep. Currently the topic of conversation consists of asking where dada is, papa is, Moana is (we are pretty obsessed with that movie as of late) and the owl we hear outside. I love how it seems like in a nanosecond he is talking to me to him falling into a deep sleep. When he’s sleeping I love looking at his profile. I really love his profile and kind of jealous of it. I am always amazed how much my kids look alike and how I think their button nose is the most sweetest thing. And then I may steal a kiss or two before I head on out.

Nola and Jonas if you ever read this I really really love being your mom. It’s been the best job I’ve ever been given!!


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