Unisex Apparel for the Kiddos + Giveaway (closed) !!!

Did I ever tell you that I just assumed we would have two girls?  I know it’s a little foolish, but I just saw us with only girls and it felt like that was going to be our story.  Thankfully God has a better plan and I know I told you numerous times over here, but I am so thankful and ridiculously crazy over our little dude!  Regardless of me thinking we would have only girls I was still very conscious about buying as many neutral things as possible, from carseat, stroller, swing, clothing etc.  So what I want to share with you today is my favorite pieces of apparel I had purchased for Nola that we can happily pass onto Jonas.

There are a couple of reasons why I like the idea of saving some of Nola’s clothes and passing them down to Jonas.  For one, I like the idea of buying less.  I know we all feel great about doing an occasional overhaul and sending a carload to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  But something I like doing even more is buying timeless items, having them last longer and just buying less.  Here’s a great article explaining the downfalls and impact of donated clothes.   If I can buy something for my kids or myself that costs more, but lasts years – I like that!  To me it’s just smart and economical to reuse clothing.  But probably what I like the most about reusing clothes from Nola to Jonas is it brings me back to when she was a baby!  It’s so sentimental to me!!

So here’s my list of items I have bought for Nola and saving for Jonas to wear in the near future.  Near future meaning, he’s almost as big as her, bless his sweet heart and her’s for that matter!  I have an overly small child and overly large child, however both are pretty perfect in my eyes!

gender neutral copy

1.  I love this Patagonia jacket for our little ones!  It’s not only a timeless piece, but it’s lightweight and keeps them warm in the cold Midwest winters.

2.  This winter hat, amongst a handful of others, we got from the GAP.  We love this one and trust me on this, we need to be excited about our winter gear to psyche us out for the cold that will come this winter.

3.  In my book the most important thing about pajamas is getting something warm and comfy.  These pajamas from the GAP are that and will work for either gender!  Nola and her buddies from CA all had these last winter.

4.  I can’t get enough onesies and t-shirts that have sweet little sayings on them.  This onesie from Mamacase Prints is one of my favorites!

5.  CJ and I are huge fans of Threadless t-shirts.  We both have a handful of t-shirts from there and once we had kids we loaded up!  Here I’m only showing a few of the Threadless onesies we have.  Hands down the rhino onesie is my all-time favorite!!

And now we get to shoes.  Guys I love shoes, in fact I love wearing the same shoes as my kiddos.  Yes I have become that mom.  Here are a list of shoes I have for Nola that I am saving for Jonas to wear, and I may or may not have many or most of these in my size as well…

6.  You can’t get any more timeless than Saltwater Sandals my friends.  They are comfy and waterproof and I love them!  Nola’s on her second pair and I stay with the tan color because then they can go with anything.

7.  We all love Toms, not only because of what they do and support, but because they also have the most darling little shoes.

8.  Vans checkered board slip-on’s are Nola’s go-to casual shoe and the shoe I choose when her outfits a little too girly?!  For my taste it helps balance things out a little.  They are easy to get on and go with everything!  Plus they are a classic!  Probably one of my most favorite outfits to put on Nola is a graphic tee with a tutu skirt and these vans.

9.  Our go-to sneakers for the entire family are Pumas.  I had ordered these thinking they were more pink, but when we got them they were red.  I was happy to put them in storage to keep for Jonas.  These shoes light up which is also a fun feature for toddlers!  Nola just got a new navy and hot pink pair, which I won’t be making Jonas wear :).  Also if you want to stay sane, get as many velcro shoes as possible!!  They are life-savers!

10.  I love, love Freshly Picked Moccasins.  They are so good you guys!  In fact, if you don’t have a pair already, you probably have at least heard of them.  They stay on your kids feet and they are so great for when they are learning to walk because they won’t slip.  The moccasins are made out of genuine leather and are such a great unisex shoe.  I plan on saving the ones I got for my baby’s babies someday!

11.  Who doesn’t love Chucks?!  Nola had these Chuck Tayler crib sneakers and Jonas has worn them a few times.  Nola also went through these white Chucks, which I’m so bummed no longer fit.  These are also being saved for Jonas to wear in the future.

12.  Hunter rain boots is another classic staple.  Rain boots are crucial in our household because we do a lot of playing in the rain.

Here’s some photos with my kiddos sporting some of these items (and yes looking at Nola as a little baby made me so so sad, time is going by way to quickly):

IMG_2020 here’s baby nola in her toms IMG_1558 nola and daddy sporting their threadless t-shirts Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset nola loving on new little baby jonas wearing her cozy gap pajamas Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset nola playing in the rain with her hunter rain boots IMG_7767 they really do love each other!  jonas is wearing his love your guts onesie with his freshly picked moccasins and nola is wearing her saltwater sandals!

So here’s the exciting news!  Along with showing you some of my favorite unisex apparel I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway!!  So today you can enter to win a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins in the size and color of your choice!!  All you need to do is comment below what pair is your favorite and one winner will be randomly selected next week and emailed directly.  Giveaway ends August 5th.  Good Luck!


*Please note if you have won a pair of Freshly picked moccasins within the last 60 days you are not eligible for this giveaway.  US residents only*

9 thoughts on “Unisex Apparel for the Kiddos + Giveaway (closed) !!!

  1. Julia

    Great post and great style Missy! I always love seeing what you’re kids are wearing!

    Those moccasins are super cute. I love the snow gray ones. I already forgot the exact name of them because this baby is eating my brain.

  2. Katha

    My favorite pair of Freshly Picked mocs are the Merci ones because they would go with many fall outfits and I think they are a little edgy and have some shimmer! And anything with shimmer gets two thumbs up 🙂 Love,love,love freshy picked!! I couldn’t say enough good things about those mocs!!

  3. Tracy Mo

    I love this post! I would put both my boys in everything you mentioned 🙂 as for the freshly picked… I’ve only heard of them through you! I think the Utah beehive colored ones (I think the same color pictured) are adorable… I’d pick them too!

  4. Kim

    Missy, I love reading your posts!!

    My pick would be Timp in size 7. It’s great color to go with a lot of outfits!! Honestly, they are all super cute and would be a great addition to the wardrobe 🙂

  5. Jackie sonuga

    You and your children are always dressed SO cute… And I know that Dutch side of you so you always find ways to do it SO affordably!!! I LOVe the greatest snow on earth in a 6! If I don’t win I may have to buy them anyway 😉

  6. Erica Gammon

    I love the With Cream and Sugar moccs for my sweet Ava!! These would be perfect for her in the Fall…..as well as her future brother or sister 😉 I am with you on buying gender neutral items!

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  8. Melanie

    OH gosh I really hope I’m not too late! I’m crazy/adore/in LOVE w/ FP & would so love to have a pair for our baby girl on the way! I kinda love them all, but REALLY love the pretty blush moccs! Thanks so much! xx


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