Tuesday Repeat?! Yes Please!

You ever have those days where you want to start over?  I have plenty of those, but yesterday was quite the opposite!  In fact, I’m cool with having yesterday repeat itself anytime.  Too often I don’t take the time to fully appreciate or be thankful when things go so well.  What made yesterday so great were these wonderful events:  beautiful weather on my walks with Nola, CJ having a great day at work, loving my pineapple tea from David’s Tea, homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner (I am obsessed w/ soup, like eat 4 bowls obsessed!!), CJ surprised me with treats from our local bakery, had a laughing session with Nola & got to watch the New Girl and Mindy Project w/ the hubs.  I am so spoiled with blessings and thankful to God!

nola treats

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