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Valentines Day

To keep up tradition and because it’s way too much fun to see how the kids have grown each year, here was our simple, yet very good Valentine’s Day this year:

DSC_0035 Here’s Nola’s cards she made for the class this year! I think she did great and how cool is she….I mean dinosaurs?!?

DSC_0041 Posing with Jonas’s Valentine day balloon in his cheesy underbite smile that I can’t get enough of and notice the spatula, that kid is always taking my cooking utensils!!

DSC_0046 Nola’s flowers

DSC_0043 Playing car wash DSC_0055 DSC_0056 We put together a kind of fancy dinner??? I got some sushi (my kids love it!!) and went with an asian theme for the sides and then I made pavlova’s with cream and berries. It tasted ok and the kids liked them, but they definitely could be improved. My grandma made these so I think they are special and regardless of how they taste, even with mine turning brownish they still look pretty!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day snuck up on us again and I have to say this year was a good one!  Nola and I were able to hang out with our favorite mommy/toddler duo for part of the day and had lunch at Fare.  I never been to this place but loved it!  Then for dinner we did a family Valentine’s Day date at Pizzeria Delfina’s.  I feel beyond blessed for my little family and for our amazing parent’s, family and friends.  So yeah, I am definitely feeling the love today and I hope you all are too!!

Here’s Nola’s Valentine’s Day card we made for this year and some other photo’s of today if you care to see:

14_Valentines Day Card

me and my girl

photo           photo (1)

our angel girl...however at 7 months we can see some sassiness happening!!

Here’s what we were up to last Valentine’s Day.  And just for fun this was Nola’s Valentine’s day card from last year!  Tonight Nola wanted to touch and examine every bush we passed on our walk home from dinner, in which there are hundreds.  Though we often want to hurry her along and get home, I remind myself this time is so short.  By seeing this photo of Nola from last year I can’t believe how much she has grown and changed.  Hug your kiddos because they grow up way too fast!!!  I know this is a Valentine’s Post and strangely became a “my kid is growing up too fast” post in the end, but hey it’s all about love right?!?

our week of love

instead of celebrating valentine’s day on the exact date, i decided we would do fun things this entire week.   and by that, it only means ordering take-out, eating out more, and trying to make things in heart shapes as much as possible.  this allowed us to handle our busy week and not be disappointed when the husband works late on v-day.

IMG_1870       IMG_1839

do all of you give gifts to your kiddos for valentine’s?  we got nola a dress and a book this year.  and the spoiled little lady also got some packages from both grandparents (thanks grandparents especially the grandma’s since i know they really are the one’s responsible :)).  she definitely was feeling the love!

here’s some photos of nola at her valentine’s playdate.  never easy taking photos of a group of babies, but they sure are cute!



i did make was this fun crochet heart garland.  here’s the tutorial if you want to make it also!

crochet heart garland

i love valentine’s day!  it’s an excuse to do something special for our favorite people AND  to spoil ourselves too.  hopefully i can let everyone know that we love them year round with or without the holiday.  so if you are reading this, WE LOVE YOU!!!

our angel girl...however at 7 months we can see some sassiness happening!!

our angel girl, haha…however at 7 months we are starting to see some sassiness! so she’s not as innocent as she looks! we love her sass and all!