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It’s kind of sad how life’s busy work can take away from reflecting on the true meaning of the Holidays. So on these rare few hours of the night while both kids are sleeping, I’m trying to do that. Here’s what I am thankful for this year:

– On the top thing on my list is having my sweet boy Jonas. Can’t even imagine our lives without that guy. We ask Nola what she’s thankful for, or who she wants to pray for and Jonas is always on her list, mom and dad not always, but Jonas is always on it. Which leads to a double thankful moment, so glad Nola loves her brother like she does.

– Thankful for how spoiled we are by the way God provides for us, from cj’s job, health and love.

– Thankful for the small adventures we were able to take with the family this year from Florida, Apostles Island, Door County, Chicago, they were fun!

– Thankful for Nola’s school. I can’t even tell you how much joy it brings me knowing that she enjoys going to school and seeing her grow. The moments I get with Jonas while Nola is in school is pretty special too.

– Thankful for Nola. I love that girl so much it’s silly. She’s the girl I always wanted and more.

– Thankful for our neighbors that have become really great friends.

– Thankful for our long distance friends in CA who we don’t see, but still are dear friends to us (you know who you are, we miss and love you guys!)

– Thankful for the time I have with CJ while the kids are sleeping and we can watch episodes of the Office.

– Thankful for my parents and that this year was a relatively good health year for them.

– Thankful for God’s grace, because I oh so badly need it.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!