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2016 Strawberry Picking

Hey guys, I go back and forth, I have so many posts I want to do…but I’m so behind I don’t know if I try to keep chipping away or just start fresh today and do things as they come. I’m not going to lie it’s hard doing posts from months ago and with life being so busy things keep getting pushed back even more. But it’s also fun because it brings you back to those fun moments…so we’ll see. But today I am doing an old post, because one of the best things about having a blog is looking back each year and seeing how the kids have grown doing something we do yearly.

Our family tradition of strawberry picking this year was awesome because I was able to meet my dad, aunts and some of my cousins. My love for strawberry picking did originate from my Grandma Stiemsma (my dad’s mom) so it only seemed appropriate that we all went picking together in her honor.

My cousin Katie who is an awesome photographer, incredible with kids and just a good egg was along and graciously had allowed me to post some of her photos here. Thank you so much Katie!

IMG_0764 i actually took this one (the only one, eeck!) aren’t they so sweet though!
83 love this photo!!
79 78 75 these two are good buds. 56 50 31 30 27 26 24 03 85 it was a really good day and loved picking with all these people!!

And just for fun here’s us picking 2014 & 2015