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April & May Ramblings

Life happened, and so I’m combining the highlights for April & May together. It’s seems like life is pretty busy, but of course when I am sitting here I’m blanking on all we did. But I think in a way, it’s just the little moments of each day and just keeping on top of things, that make life seem so hectic and full in a good way.

All the Lies we Tell – was a quick read, but wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.
A Little Life – this is a long, long book, that is very very sad, but also beautiful, the author was so good at developing each character and it’s worth the investment.
The Goldfinch – finally read this and thought the premise was really good but it just felt drawn out and disappointed in the ending. Felt it had a lot of potential.

I read this recently and I just love it, “…concerned, but also don’t want to borrow trouble”. I needed to read this because I tend to worry about things a little too often.

For awhile I was broken putting Jonas to be at nights because I’m so so sad I can’t do this forever. It’s mainly because I’m mourning ‘I’m done with kids phase’. But regardless this time has been pretty sad for me.

Nola had her spring dance recital, which was adorable and we were so proud.

Swimming lessons also ended and Nola learned so much. Can’t express how happy we are with Little Strokes.

Have I mentioned we still have school for ONE MORE WEEK!! It seems like everyone is done or has been done and I can’t even. I’m so over it! Will I say in one month I’m ready for school to start, probably 🙂 but I do live in this vicious/wonderful cycle of life here.

February Ramblings

Looking back at February, I have to say, things are starting to get aligned in the right direction for this year. January just is seems like a recovery from the holidays and I’m just barely holding things together. But February things are better. I’m thinking by the end of March maybe I can try for any New Year resolutions I may want to implement :).

Highlights for this month was of course Valentine’s Day, daddy/daughter dance, I started a new Bible study/workout class (which has been amazing), I had brunch for a friend’s birthday at Sardine (I highly recommend this place people), I implemented a better schedule of cleaning and thankfully our place is starting to look a little more put together on the norm and CJ and talked about going on dates again (anyone else take a hiatus during the holidays and just never start it up again?). See!! doesn’t it sound like things are looking up?!!

Goals for this year was starting to really decorate the rooms in our home. The plan was to take a room a month, but sadly nothing has been accomplished yet. I hope that we can really get some stuff done in Nola’s room in March, if I do I’ll post some pictures. I also have been researching and pinning away ideas for making a dreamy outdoor living space. Currently we have a poor looking slab of concrete. But I hope someday it will be a place we will want to hangout in all the time in the summer.

watching: Still going strong with This is Us and from Netflix, Chef’s Table & Mind of a Chef. We also recently watched the movie Arrival, which I loved so so much. And the kids are all about Moana these days and I’m ok with that too.

eating: Nothing too exciting sadly. I still make dinner most days, but not any meal really stands out right at this moment. I struggle with if I make something I usually love, the kids won’t eat it and vice versa. If you have any good recipes please share!!

never want to forget: Guys, 2 year old Jonas is everything right now. He’s so smart, funny, silly, sassy and like any mama should be, I’m obsessed with him and this age. Just picture me looking at him with the heart emoji face all day everyday, except for those days he doesn’t take a nap. I’m starting to feel desperate with time, because it is so fleeting. So these days have truly been the best days of my life and the worst knowing how quickly they will be gone. It should go without saying, but if I don’t mention Nola, trust me guys I’m obsessed with both of my kids always. Don’t worry she’s loved and cared for daily. She is amazing. I really love my fam bam.

scared of: Voles (field mice)!! We have them in the rocks in our retaining wall and they are burrowing in our lawn. I can’t you guys, they scare the shit out of me!!! They aren’t in the house and even in the garage, but I just want them not anywhere near our house.