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Jonas’s Month to Month

If this isn’t a real-life mom post I don’t know what is. I tried, clearly not enough, but I did attempt to get an orchestrated photo of Jonas each month during his first year. I am embarrassed to say we got 9 out 12 months. Jonas if you are reading this when you are older just know this has no representation to how much we love and adore you, in fact we couldn’t be more obsessed with you. It’s funny because I have always complained that it felt like I had a little newborn baby for such a short amount of time and felt a little robbed of that time. Well it’s very clear from these photos I was correct. In fact Jonas goes from little baby to next month where it looks like he ate a baby. Ok, ok so I did miss a month here but to be fair that photo was more 1.5 months vs 2 full months apart. Regardless I adore this chunky most delectable baby.

1month 3months 4months 5months 6months 7months 9months 10months 12months

Hope you enjoy the photos. Can’t tell you thankful we are for our healthy growing little man. Just for fun HERE’s an old post of Nola’s first year of monthly photos, time why are you so mean!! Tomorrow I’m going to try to do a post with all the outtakes and the photos with Nola and Jonas. You will want to check these out because they are money.