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Happy New Year!

Guys I am happy to leave 2016 behind and start fresh with the New Year. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond thankful for this past year and all that we were able to do, but on a personal and health level I feel a little disappointed with how things may have turned out. Like maybe I could have done more, accomplished more… And so I’m hopeful I can do that this year.

Highlights from this year:
– Going to France (here are the posts from paris (posts here, here, here, here & here and I didn’t even do the countryside portion of it!!!)
– Being able to build and move into our new home (post here)
– Meeting new wonderful neighbor friends
– Nola adjusting to school and us parents getting used to her being in school 5 days a week! (post here)
– So much about my kids, my heart. How they have grown and continue to be my favorite people in all the land
– CJ and I starting to go on a few more dates. It wasn’t a ton, but more than before!!
– And really it’s all those everyday moments that really count, our dance sessions at night, during the summer our nightly walks, cuddling with my kids before they fall asleep, when CJ makes me laugh.

All in all it’s been a good…nevermind it’s really been a great year. With building the house I feel we were so busy and exhausted with all that entails emotionally, physically and financially we didn’t do as much as we normally do, but honestly I’m ok with that, I mean it’s pretty nice to have our home. But 2017 I’m looking at you and ready for ya!! Thanks 2016 for all the great memories!

Here are some goals I want to try doing this upcoming year:

– Working out & eating healthy…this isn’t something that is a suggestion, I want to be here for my kiddos and I want to feel better than I have been
– Finish or actually start decorating the house. Since moving in this summer everything is unpacked and kind of found a place, but nothing is really styled.
– Maybe blog more? Maybe not, we’ll see…
– More adventures with the family. Last year Nola was begging to go camping and fishing and we never did. I want to be more spontaneous and do as many big and small adventures as we can.

My Thoughts on 2015

Wow I can’t believe it’s back to the grind, and with that a new year.  It’s funny because back in college whenever a new semester would start it was so exhilarating.  A fresh start with hopes of better grades and a clean slate…really no better feeling.  Along with that I am a very optimistic person, probably too much at times, so starting this new year, or any new year for that matter, should be something I am all about.

But for some reason this year I view it a little more timidly.  Maybe it’s the hormones of the pregnancy, or the cold weather, or that I’m just getting older, but I can’t help but think of this new year, that sure I’m excited about what’s to come, but also a little scared?  What does this year hold that will challenge me or my family?  Will my husband and kids be spared sickness or any injuries?  Do I want to say, ‘this will be my best year yet?!’  like so many do?  I mean I plan on living to be old, like 95 old, so do I want things to go downhill with 60 plus more years of life to live?!?  I know, I know, people who say that, say that every year.  But I guess I want to go into each new year with hope, tons of it, but also being realistic.

I don’t know, maybe what I’m trying to say or how I feel is that I’m so excited for this year, but go in cautiously.  I am praying that God gives me the strength to face the blessings and challenges this year brings, but also hope that I can continue to work on being a better person.  And if it’s mid-June and I need some type of do-over, it’s ok to look at things broken down, be it a new month, a new week, heck a new day.

All that being said, I of course have a list of goals.  I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to wearing normal clothes and getting back into shape.  Spending less time on social media.  Taking time to enjoy my people more, hopefully eating good food AND possibly beverages that contain alcohol?  (can anyone else see i’m ready to have this kid and that this pregnancy is wearing on me)?  Or the biggest one yet, learning how to be a good mama to 2 kiddos!!  That I can’t wait for.

I hope friends you all have a blessed 2015 that involves continuing to grow and learn more about yourself.  I also hope you have people in your life to encourage you on through this crazy, scary, but mostly awesome journey.


Brian M Lee Photography - Missy Gammon 2013-134 and on this cold day when we are missing ca and nola being a baby here’s a photo from back in the day.  my long hair!!