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The Modern Farmhouse

After looking at a handful of homes we decided that building would make the most sense for us at the time. Since CJ works from home we really wanted to have his office in the basement so he would be on a separate level from all the crazy that happens with the kiddos. *sidenote: you all who work remotely, high fives all around! that takes discipline and you including my husband are special people if you can do that!!  Most of the homes we looked at were OK but not our style but not horrible enough to really feel ok tearing out the kitchen. The last thing I wanted was for our first place we owned to be a place that really didn’t fit our style. They already dug the basement and poured the walls and starting to frame next week!

I wanted to share the style and inspiration for our home. I really loved the modern farmhouse. I appreciate the clean and simple look. I should mention our house is much much smaller than the following homes and doesn’t look like any of these photos, but I loved using them as inspiration.

house_3 image

house_2 image house_1 image

I thought it would be fun do some house posts and document the process. Most of you know my background is in architecture so I love this stuff, but it also makes me a little nervous to talk about it on here because I have friends who are freak’n all-stars in architecture and interior design and so I feel I’m putting myself out there a bit.This is my home so it’s pretty personal. But I also talk about being a mom and traveling and I’m not experts on those items either so I figure why not.