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Second Pregnancy

Happy Friday Guys!  It’s gotten so cold and all we want to do is huddle in our little house and try to stay warm this weekend.  I also have gotten a ton of house projects done this week and plan on sharing soon!  It’s so nice that our place is finally feeling like a home.

I haven’t written much about this pregnancy so here is just a lot of rambling on how this pregnancy is going and thoughts on it in general.  This pregnancy has been a lot different than my first.  In the beginning things were a lot harder but as time goes along things are going a lot smoother and better than the last!  Regardless we can’t be more thrilled to be going through this once again and can’t wait to meet this sweet little baby!  I’m dying to hold this little babe in my arms!

The first trimester was pretty brutal.  If someone tells you they have morning sickness and you never experienced it, it’s a whole new world, truly.  I never fully sympathized to my fellow girlfriends before and now when they tell me they have morning sickness I’d be very inclined to buy them a treat, of course they probably won’t want to eat it, ha!  For me I not only had bad morning sickness but maybe because of that plus hormones I was really down in the dumps.  I could hardly eat and lost a good 10 lbs.  Thankfully for us there was light at the end of the tunnel because by the end of the fourth month I started feeling more like myself.  Thank goodness too because if I hadn’t gotten better the big move across country could not have happened.  Being out of service for that long can be a strain on the entire family and our wallets.  No lie, we ate out pretty much every day for that long b/c food just grossed me out and the last thing I wanted to do was make something.

On the positive side other BIG changes this pregnancy than the first was I haven’t broken out like I had before.  Last pregnancy I was so insecure because I had acne really bad and it’s such a treat not to have to deal with that!  The biggest change that I still can’t even believe is real is that I don’t have gestational diabetes!!!  I was 100% sure I was going to get diagnosed again after failing the one hour test.  In fact I already changed my diet.  We always try to eat pretty healthy around here, but if you ever have to go on a diabetic diet it’s intense.  So when I got the phone call that I didn’t have it I actually didn’t know if I heard them right!  From not having to be on that rigid diet, testing my blood after every meal and all those additional doctor’s appointments it is a huge blessing!!

We have been trying to prep Nola with having a new sibling by reading her books on the subject.  She also loves kissing my belly, but we don’t know if she really gets it.  I personally think she is going to love having a baby in the house and as excited as I am to meet this baby I’m just as excited to see her be a big sister.

Since this is our second thankfully we don’t have to get a ton of new things which is awesome.  This time around I’m more inclined to spend money on getting my nails and hair done and getting a massage!  I normally don’t like spending money on myself and I focus between getting new things for Nola or our place.  But since it is my birthday month I’m going to allow myself these treats.  When you get bigger and bigger and this month older 🙁 any way to make yourself feel a little better and pretty can go a long way!!

One thing I have changed my thinking on this pregnancy is the idea of not telling people until after the first trimester about being pregnant.  I totally get why you don’t tell people and the concerns of miss carrying.  But all the more reason to tell your close family members and friends so they can keep you in their prayers and give you the additional encouragement you need.  When I say this I don’t mean announcing it on Facebook or social media, I mean personally telling your close knit people in your life so they can be on the journey with you regardless on the outcome.

I always love seeing photos of my friend’s baby bumps, but I am going to be honest, I am not fan of having photos of my stomach taken.  I think it’s because until a lot farther along all you would be seeing is my gut, guys that gut is something I have even when I’m not pregnant.  Maybe if we have one more kid I’ll actually have professional photos taken, but since I don’t have a good baby bump photo, here’s one of Nola the day she was born.  Will this new baby look like her?  I can’t wait to see!!