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Our LA Weekend Trip

We just got back from visiting CJ’s family and from having our flights canceled last night and having to get up sooo early this morning, dealing w/ Nola for a 5.5 hour flight and adjusting to the 3 hour time change, we are barely functioning!  Wow, what a fun trip, but also so glad we are home.  On this post I wanted to share with you another trip we had taken earlier this month.  I apologize in advance for all the scrolling you will need to do for this post, but there are so many photos I wanted to share with you all!!

A couple weeks ago CJ had a conference in LA and Nola and I decided we would tag along.  Since CJ was busy with work, it really ended up being a mommy/daughter adventure and we had such a great time!!!  A couple of ideas spawned from this trip, first, until she won’t have me anymore I want to do little trips just her and I, and secondly, I really loved being in a city.  Enough to think in my head, “maybe I could do this again w/ a baby?!?”  After living in Chicago for five years I needed a break, but I think I’m coming around the thought of it again.

We were going to be staying in downtown LA for 2 full days so I decided we would hone in on attractions within walking distance.  Since I was flying alone and already had a lightweight stroller, backpack, nola in baby carrier and carry-on the idea of bringing a carseat was not an option.  I should say, that once boarding the plane I only had Nola and the backpack, but still getting to and from that point I was loaded down.  I wish I had a photo, we looked like a traveling mommy and daughter circus.  How do mommy’s do it with two little ones is beyond me?!

Our first stop was taking a tour of the Walt Disney Concert Hall which was designed by Frank Gehry.  Considering my education and work experience is in architecture this was something I really wanted to check out.  We even got to go inside the concert hall which we were told doesn’t happen very often.  The tour guide said on Halloween they get this huge screen that shows horror movies all the while having the orchestra play, that’d be so cool to go to that!  Overall it was a fun tour and was the highlight of the trip!

IMG_2467 Here’s the outside of the Walt Disney Concert Hall

IMG_2471 Nola got a tambourine!  As you can see she’s very enthused about this.

IMG_2475 Here we are inside the Concert Hall

IMG_2481 We loved these coral trees in the garden!  And for my Dutch family, the rose in the background was a mosaic rose made out of delft…it was so cool!! 

Another fun place we hit up a lot (like twice a day each day) was the Grand Central Market Place.  It wasn’t the typical farmers market, but it had a lot of places to eat, produce and in general a fun place to people watch, which Nola loved.  I asked around and was told that China Cafe was good and there were insane lines so that’s always a good sign.  They had the most delicious pork dumpling soup!!!  I couldn’t eat it in one sitting because I was chasing after Nola in the hotel room, but even so, it was great.

IMG_2490 To get to the Market we took Angel’s Flight  (supposedly the shortest railway in the world)

IMG_2521         IMG_2494

IMG_2496 Instead of taking the Angel’s Flight I often took the stairs (figured it would be good exercise).  These flower that fell from the tree above onto the stairs made Nola and I feel extra special walking up.   

We also visited Grand Park a couple of times and had fun visiting the MOCA Museum.  Going to museum’s with a kiddo is so neat to see how they like exhibits or respond to some of the art.  MOCA has this small restaurant Lemonade which had the most delicious rosemary watermelon lemonade.  I had 2 and if they were local we would be in trouble.  Someday I’m going to try to make a version of that tasty tasty drink.

IMG_2505          IMG_2522

IMG_2516 Having a snack at Grand Park

IMG_2515 We loved this Rothko piece!

IMG_2514 Nola however was not feeling the Jackson Pollock painting 🙁

IMG_2510 we loved this art installation!

Overall our quick trip to downtown LA was a lot of fun and I couldn’t have asked for a cuter little travel buddy.  Other than the fun memories we shared the one thing that was so evident on our entire trip was the kindness in strangers.  So many people helped me with doors, lifting things for me, commenting on how sweet Nola was and just being downright wonderful.  With all the terrible things going on in the world It was so nice to be reminded of all the sweet people that are still out there!!