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Brewers Game Fun

My dad asked me awhile back if we all wanted to go to a Brewer game on a Friday in April. It sounded like fun and we were on board, but truth be told since life has been busy I wasn’t thinking much about it until it came closer to the date. The game was last week Friday and it was maybe 28 degrees out (thank you wi), snowing and the game started at 7 (our kids go to bed around then). To say I was a bit concerned would be an understatement. Would we be freezing?? Would the kids have meltdowns? Would we then have meltdowns??? All thoughts going through my head.

I’m happy to report everything was better than expected. Even though it was so soo cold out, it was really comfortable in the stadium. In fact I was sweating. We kept on taking off layers to the point where it was ridiculous the pile of sweat shirts and coats spewed out all over the place. If family and friends want to go to a game with you and like your kids, GO!! There were times throughout the game where CJ and I were kid free and we felt like we should just go walk around the stadium or take a nap…there were even moments where I dare say it was relaxing? As for how the kids were for not getting home till 11:30, they were abnormally good. Like we they transferred from their carseats into their beds no problem. It has us overly confident on the next time we go out way past bedtime.

Here’s some photos of game if you care to see: IMG_0013 this girl has been such a sweat heart lately! she always tells us how we are her best bud and how much she loves us. we are so crazy about her! IMG_0020 this photo is a bit blurry but best represents how much fun our kiddos were having with family and friends and the happy chaos that went along with it. IMG_0024 IMG_0035 here’s my sweet boy with the giant pretzel (which was dipped in butter and then in salt…so basically deliciousness) this photo made it on the jumbotron screen. IMG_0037 here’s my sweet niece who is so kind to our kiddos. i also love jonas’s grin in this photo. IMG_8707 me and my pops IMG_9038 family selfie stick photo (do you see nola?) IMG_9040 my niece and her friend wanted to go to the very top seats in the stadium and nola wanted to go so badly. she was telling us she was going to go with them, we were like, ‘um, no kid you can’t go by yourself with them.’ we are in so much trouble later on. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset she’s on top of the world, or stadium and as cute as can be.

Thanks dad and mom for the fun night!!

Random Thoughts And The Milwaukee Public Museum

One goal I have this year is to write more and being transparent on how life truly is. I don’t consider myself a strong writer so it’s something I really want to challenge myself to work on. I also think it will be fun to try experiment with different styles of writing and hopefully I will learn something along the way. I’ve mentioned this numerous time already, but mainly this blog is for my 70 year old self and as an online archive for our family memories, but maybe this year it can also be a journal with more personal thoughts as well. We will see…

Starting 2016 I’m sad to report that the best way to describe how I’m feeling is ‘dragging‘. This whole sahm thing is wearing on me. I can definitely tell you what’s changed and it’s my nearly one year old, bless his sweet heart. It behooves us to always keep our eyes on the guy since he loves to find trouble and danger consistently. Vision turning around one second and seeing your sweet baby climbing the kitchen chairs, going up the stairs, trying to take off the outlet covers, on top of the step stool, swishing his hand in the toilet, eating leaves off the floor...halp!! This is all very tiring and I don’t get much done these days. But what really is the biggest problem is he’s the worst sleeper of man kind. Something that we plan on working on here on out. You know what’s weird though, even when I’m in bed and tallying my hours of sleep I will get that night, ‘maybe 4 tonight?’ I am always excited for the next day and seeing what’s in store for my crazy crew.

During the Holiday break we took the kiddos to the Milwaukee Public Museum. For some reason we don’t go to Milwaukee very often because it just seems so far away, but in reality it’s only 1hr 15min away!! It’s such a doable day trip and going forward I plan on going there more often. Before hitting the museum we stopped at the Milwaukee Public Market to grab something to eat. We love that place so much and it reminded us a lot of Napa’s Oxbow Public Market. And that realization made us love that place that much more.

It didn’t come as a surprise that Nola loved the Museum. She loves doing new things, or what we call them, ‘Family Adventures’. In fact that evening Nola’s prayer was as follows, “thank you for Jesus, thank you for mama, thank you for dada, thank you for jonas and nola, thank you for family adventures, going to the museum to see dinosaurs, thank you for my toys amen”. Toddler prayers are pretty great, aren’t they?! But what pleasantly surprised me was that Jonas loved the exhibits as well. He recently has started walking and it’s also a great place for him to waddle around. We can’t wait to take our kiddos to the Chicago Field Museum next! But in the mean time here are photos of the day if you care to see.

DSC_0249 DSC_0251 DSC_0255 DSC_0261 that girl is such a character! and that outfit!! we let her choose her outfits and long socks pulled over her pants is her jam. sometimes it’s hard for me to not have control of her outfits, but i know this little battle of clothes is one thing that doesn’t hurt anything other than my little ego and so i will continue to let her pick them out.

Milwaukee Weekend Trip

Since we moved back to the Midwest we have been busy trying to meet up and do as much stuff with our family and friends.  Probably so much in fact, we haven’t done as much as we would like in the Madison area.  But we aren’t complaining and it really is great to be in this close of proximity to some of our favorite people.

Awhile back we went to Milwaukee for the weekend.  CJ grew up near there and I went to college at UW-Milwaukee, so of course it has a special place in our hearts.  The first evening we went to Lakefront Brewery for their Friday fish fry.  So here’s the thing non-WI peeps, Friday fish fry’s are a big deal in WI, it’s kind of in the same category with beer, cheese and the Packers.  So yeah, sometimes we go to fish fry’s.  If you question if you should take your toddler to Lakefront Brewery’s fish fry I’d tell you in a heartbeat TAKE THEM!  They have a polka band, and literally the dance floor was packed with little kids.  We got there early and I think most parents had the same idea and Nola had a blast.  They have a bubble machine, I mean come on, this was a good deal.

We stayed at the Pfister Hotel, which was sooo nice!  If you need to stay at a hotel downtown Milwaukee stay here!  We always try to stay at hotel’s that have pools because Nola loves swimming.  Their pool was on the top floor and had amazing views which was a bonus.  The next day we went on a Milwaukee River Cruise.  If you don’t have a crabby toddler I recommend it!!  But hey that’s life, some things work and are great, others we just try to survive!

Overall this was a great little weekend trip and look forward to doing more of them!!  Here’s some photos of the weekend if you care to see:

DSC_0015 DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0023 DSC_0037 DSC_0034 DSC_0033 DSC_0030