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Keeping It Real Here During the Holiday Season

Hey Guys!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for this year and amazed by God’s love and undeserved blessings He keeps pouring on our family.  We were able to spend time with my Husband’s family this year in North Carolina.  It was great catching up with everybody and Nola had a wonderful time.  For all of you who have both sides of your family living close by you are very lucky!!  Visiting family or hosting during the Holidays are all great things, but it involves a lot more planning and work.  I sometimes get envious, not going to lie.  The great thing was we celebrated Christmas early and it was just as fun, even if it was a month early.  Good thing because we are really starting to think that our Christmases’ need to be celebrated at our home with our little fam bam.

We decided to drive (why oh why are flights so expensive during the Holiday season!!  shaking fist up in the air) but we couldn’t have asked for a better drive to and from and Nola was amazing!  The trip back however, I feel kind of did me in emotionally and physically.  I was so tired and just felt overwhelmed with all the stuff I wanted to do for the Christmas Season.

Christmas Cards, getting and decorating the Christmas tree and putting together the advent calendar are pretty time sensitive things that either need to be done NOW, in my opinion, or it just doesn’t pay to do, especially with the baby coming.  So when we got home I got busy and felt stressed getting those things all together.  What helped me cope with the things I wanted to accomplish before Christmas was we scaled back on family activities we were hoping to do for advent, our tree is more of collaboration of what we had on hand have versus the vision of what I hoped it would be and our advent calendar starts on December 4th.  That’s my life friends.

Honestly one thing I have going for me is I normally don’t stress about those things and was surprised how I was feeling.  Can I blame being in my third trimester?  🙂 I hate that I let it get to me like it did and take away from what this Christmas Season is all about.  For some advent activities we are donating to our local food shelter, bringing items to Ronald McDonald House and going through clothes and toys to donate.  I would love any other suggestions on activities you do with your kiddos on teaching them the meaning of giving and serving.  To be fair since Nola is only 2 she is a bit young to fully understand all of this, but I think it’s still a great thing to start young.

Thanks for letting me vent a little and I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful time of the year and OK scaling back if you are starting to feel stressed out!

Here’s a photo of our Nola girl that Uncle Matt took while we were in NC.