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2016 Pumpkin Patch

While typing this I am watching game 7 of the World Series and well, this game is quite literally killing me. It’s so stressful and I can’t even imagine how my friends who are true diehard fans are doing at this moment. Bless you all!

Awhile back we did the annual family trip to Eugster’s Farm and it was everything it has been every year, but yet it never disappoints. It’s like a familiar song that brings back nostalgia and fun and our kids at the perfect age that love pretty much all of it. From the petting zoo portion to the infamous puppet show…it’s good times. Just writing this and realizing the kids won’t stay these little adorable people and think going to this farm isn’t the best thing ever is just breaking this mama’s heart. I know I know, I sound like a broken record over here, but I just can’t handle how fast they are growing?!!!! To prove my point here are the previous pumpkin farm visits 2015, 2014 and 2013.

Here’s photos of the day if you care to see:

dsc_0114-copy dsc_0047 the infamous photo behind at the train (please do yourself a favor and check out last year’s photo at this location!) dsc_0057 dsc_0002 this girl loves her animals dsc_0011 dsc_0021 dsc_0027 dsc_0070-copy dsc_0078 dsc_0096 she found her pumpkin! dsc_0107 dsc_0104 this poor kid had trouble walking in this field. all those vines and ruts were not his friend. dsc_0116 dsc_0093

Apple Picking – 2016


There was a stretch awhile back where it was raining for days in a row and FINALLY there was a break so we took advantage and went apple picking. Along with going to pumpkin farms, this is a family highlight we love doing in the fall. This year we went to Appleberry Farms and it was perfect. It wasn’t too far to where we live and it was small and manageable…perfect for our little kiddos. I also should mention they had the best brats with this apple relish that was to die for. CJ was pretty pumped to eat any of the kid’s leftovers. We all had a really great time and Nola’s ready to do it again 🙂

Here’s some photos if you care to see:

dsc_0070 this boy is in heaven at this moment. tears getting him off 🙁 dsc_0097 dsc_0106 love this photo so much
dsc_0131 dsc_0125 guys i’m fully aware of how fortunate i am to be these kiddos mama. this gig of being mom has been truly the best thing!!! dsc_0117 this photo speaks volumes and best describes a typical moment in our day. so glad to have this captured!! dsc_0141 dsc_0138 dsc_0150 dsc_0154 have i mentioned lately that i’m obsessed with this kid?!? so.much.fun.

2015 Apple Picking

We did our annual apple picking trip on one of those perfect fall days we had this year. In fact by the time we were ready to leave we were sweating, it got so warm. We always tend to go to Door Creek Orchard because it’s so close to where we live. It has a pretty good variety of apples and even grapes. We picked just a few grapes, but I wouldn’t recommend getting them if you have toddlers because after awhile pitting those little itty bitty grapes…well you just want to chuck them out the window. Those grapes were delicious though!

Nola was able to reach some of the best apples with the help of daddy’s shoulders. We are a big apple eating family around here. However I wish the saying was true about an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Since Nola started school she and Jonas pretty much always have some type of cold, it’s unbelievable! I don’t usually make anything with the apples we pick because I can hardly keep them stocked the way it is. I did however, make some applesauce for Jonas boy, which I didn’t realize was so easy! The other thing we love about going apple picking is getting the apple cider. Warmed up and with a little brandy, that’s the best!

Here’s some photos of the day if you care to see:

IMG_8477 IMG_8482 IMG_8489 IMG_8532 IMG_8508 we always try doing a family photo and i needless to say i always forget my selfie stick!!!

2015 Pumpkin Patch Fun

For our family, fall in WI is the most wonderful time of the year (cue the music….no, that song’s not for fall?!?). Anyways, along with our love affair with this time of the year our favorite activity is going to a pumpkin farm with the kiddos, which is a family tradition. I remember taking Nola when she was 3 months old and CJ being a little nervous about taking her, BUT it’s fall AND pumpkins AND we had a kid!

Last year we went to Eugster’s Farm and loved it so I tend to like going to the same place. But if we are being real here, by the end of fall we will probably go to multiple pumpkin farms, it’s just such a fun activity to do with the kids on the weekend.

Here’s some photos of the day if you care to see:

IMG_7450 IMG_7450 copy this is a cropped-zoomed in portion of jonas b/c he’s so stinkin cute here. he is so proud b/c we are letting him do what sister is doing and he’s standing up on his own, gah i love that boy silly! IMG_7423 IMG_7458 IMG_8557 always a highlight feeding the animals the bottle IMG_8549 making her papa proud here IMG_8566 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset it was a struggle getting her out of the kitty barn. she most likely will grow up to be a cat lady. IMG_8573 watching the most ridiculous and entertaining puppet show. just imagine hit radio songs with animals dancing and signing to the words- it worked somehow. IMG_8580 finding our pumpkins IMG_8586 jonas is sleeping and nola isn’t looking, but hey it’s a family photo, those can be rare on an outing so we got to post it regardless!

One of the main reasons I love blogging is looking back and seeing how the kids have grown, so if you want to see the previous year’s of us visiting a pumpkin farm you can check out this post and this post.

Happy Fall Peeps!!

Looking Forward to Fall

The leaves are starting to fall in our area, and though the weather is still pretty warm during the day, I’m really looking forward to the Fall Season!  I think it might have to do with the fact that growing up in the midwest, Fall was most everybody’s favorite time of the year.  Most people were sick of the hot summer and still not ruined by the cold winter.  Lucky for us, San Francisco is fall-like weather year round, we really hit the jack pot on that one!

Here is a list of things that get me excited for the Fall Season.

Fall Inspiration {1.  anthropologie scarf,  2.  nine west boots,  3.  love, love hard cider,  4.  fall scented candle, 5.  h&m baby hat (babies in hats, hands down the cutest thing ever),  6.  butternut squash risotto (one of the best things i made, no lie}

I’d love to know what things get you excited for this Fall Season!

fall quote