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Projects With Nola

Who else loves Target’s dollar section? I am always impressed by the curated items, from the decor to the craft projects. We are on a big dinosaur kick these days which started long ago when CJ took Nola to the Good Dinosaur. So when I saw this cute kit where you find an insect inside an egg I couldn’t wait to do this with Nola. I know what you are thinking, how is any of this have to do with dinosaurs? It doesn’t, but somehow I did at the time. Anyways, it was a fun activity to do. However it was actually quite difficult to chisel away to find that darn insect! Mama had to get in there a couple of times and dig in. Here’s some photos of my cute little archaeologist if you care to see:

IMG_9661 IMG_9664 IMG_9666 IMG_9668