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Chicago Christmas Tradition

Before CJ and I were even married during the Holiday season we always went to Macy’s. They have a gorgeous tree in the Walnut Room and it’s fun to eat there to admire the tree a little longer. Then we would bundle up and check out the windows. For those who aren’t familiar, Macy’s always decorates the display windows and each year it is a different theme or story. This year was the different planets which Nola loved and if you know my husband that is right up his alley. Macy’s of course has Santa so we took the kids to see him there as well.

If you ever consider going, I would highly recommend going early in the morning. When we got in the line to see Santa I ran upstairs to get a pager for the Walnut Room and things timed out perfectly. Otherwise both Santa and the Walnut Room can have a long wait time if you go later in the day. We also went to Christkindlmarket at the Daly Plaza. If you want to see photos of our time there you can check it out HERE.

Here are photos of our time at Macy’s if you care to see:

DSC_0063 DSC_0016 in line to see santa DSC_0022 DSC_0035 DSC_0040 DSC_0043 ornament selfie DSC_0051 looking out the window in the walnut room DSC_0053 DSC_0061 family shot at the christimas tree Macys and for your viewing pleasure, us 8 years ago!!!! DSC_0069 checking out the windows

We had a really great time and hope to continue to go each year. Though I’m not going to lie, with school and just normal life, December’s really seem to get busy! I did my best to have my game face on that day, we mom’s have to do that sometimes, right? but I had a horrible headache which later resulted in a migraine which was no fun, but overall I still had a really great day and I think the kiddos did too.

Hope you are all starting to enjoy your Christmas break! We are over here!!

Christmas Traditions

It happens every year where I’m shocked it’s December already, much less in 8 days it’s going to be CHRISTMAS!!!  This year both sides of our families have made the gift-giving very low-key other than for the kids which has made things pretty easy.  It’s funny though, I still feel like there’s a long list of things to do beforehand and it’s been busy!  Since Nola is getting older I’m trying to think of things we will do to celebrate Christmas and what traditions we will make with our little family other than opening gifts of course.  Here is a list of things we will be doing this year.

1.  Opening pajamas Christmas Eve and wearing them all day Christmas Day

2.  Having fondue Christmas Eve after church

3.  Blowing out candles to celebrate Jesus’s Birthday in some type of dessert

4.  Going to see Christmas Lights on Eucalyptus Ave in San Carlos

5.  And as Nola gets older it’s so important to us that as a family we serve or give gifts to those less fortunate than us because we are truly blessed

I know every year we maybe won’t do all of these things or we may change the list up, but hopefully some of these will stick.  To me traditions are events that are (hopefully) fun, but also gives each holiday some regularity and warmth when thinking of them.  That’s the best way to describe how I feel when I think of my upbringing and the traditions my parents did with us.  I’m curious to know what your family traditions are?  It’s most likely the little girl sleeping in the next room, but I am sure looking forward to Christmas this year!!