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Christmas Activity Fun

Hey guys!  Hope you all are surviving this Holiday Season and able to enjoy this special time.  To be completely honest this week has been a rough one for us.  CJ got food poisoning so was out for a couple of days and then Nola got a nasty cold.  A toddler who can’t breath out of their nose = no sleep for anyone.  I also had a whirlwind scenario where our shipment of christmas postcards got misplaced during delivery, which slightly upset me then I kind of was like, ‘ok I guess I don’t have to worry about addressing them all!’  But they were located the next day.  And to top it all off I’m on this last minute project freak mode recruiting CJ along the way to help me (he just informed me I’m the worse person to work with btw, i’m like what????? he’s probably right, poor thing) which results in us being up in the wee hours trying to complete everything.  It’s a complete whack job of a life over here these days.  BUT on the flip side we realized how we take our health for granted and so thankful for the bodies God has given us.

Despite all these misfortunate events we are still trying to do as many fun Christmas activities as possible.  Most of these activities occurred last week before everyone got sick.  We were able to make and decorate salt dough ornaments for the Christmas tree.  Went to a special breakfast to see Santa at the Heidel House.  And our sweet friends came over to decorate ginger bread houses.  Please note that if decorating ginger bread houses with toddlers it would behoove you to have the houses assembled ahead of time.  Toddlers have no time to wait for frosting to dry.

This week we have watched a lot of Christmas movies.  Nola’s favorite is the old school Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  I can’t help but love the elf who wishes he was a dentist, bless that little elf’s heart.  And don’t get me on the misfit song, it is so good.  I have to make some cookies for church and plan on passing them to our neighbors as well.  Sadly I can’t have my little helper assist because of her nasty cold and what’s weird is it makes me sad.  She’s my official ‘try to’ dump all the measured ingredients in the mixing bowl.  Guys what am I going to do when she leaves for college, I mean come on, I’m sad over here because she can’t help me make cookies?!  I’m a lost cause.

Here’s photos of some of the activities we had been up to if you care to see:

DSC_0005 DSC_0020 helping decorate her own little tree! photo (6) photo (7) DSC_0053 DSC_0059_2 IMG_5108 IMG_5098

Thankfully we are all on the mend and ready for more fun Christmas activities to be done.  Also a side note, but worth mentioning, around this time (34 weeks) when pregnant with Nola I was in labor!!!  Crazy to think about that.  We can’t wait to meet this sweet baby.