Strawberry Fields

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A family tradition that we always look forward to in the summer is strawberry picking.  Last year it was so much fun seeing Nola understand the concept of picking strawberries and the joy of eating them.  This year was just as fun, but what was interesting was that she didn’t think or even try to eat any of the berries until at the end of our trip.  Isn’t it crazy how kids change once we try to start teaching them rules, manners, etc.  It’s so necessary, but being completely carefree also gets lost sometimes.  Have no fear she still got her fair share of berries and it didn’t take us long to eat the 5 lbs that we picked in the next couple of days.

My Grandma Stiemsma was the sweetest person in all the land (truly) and all of my cousins would agree.  I loved her so much and really miss her.  Strawberry picking was her thing and it’s fun thinking about her while we go picking each year.

Here’s some photos of the day if you care to see:

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And here’s the POST of us strawberry picking last year!

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