Spreading The Love

This post is pretty appropriate since it is Valentine’s day tomorrow. But I’m a believer on doing things outside of love day is just as good if not better! Getting a little surprise, where it’s completely unexpected, is such a treat! Sadly it seems that just trying to stay on top of our daily schedules, school, work, etc. I fall short on performing these small acts of kindness. But I am throwing that excuse to the wayside and going to try and be better. Monkey see monkey do, and if I can teach my kids to go above and beyond and be kind to others, I will be one happy mama. This little gesture is so easy and not expensive at all! We were at the grocery store and I had Nola pick out some flowers for her teacher and nurse (we adore our school’s nurse and she’s been so kind to Nola). I then found some encouraging quotes, wrote them on card stock, tied up the flowers, wrapped them up in kraft paper and there you have it! 

I had some dried hydrangeas from our tree so I added them to the flowers to add a warm touch The two quotes I used were: Nurses may not be angels but they are the next best thing and Thank you for your part in my journey. I cut out a rectangular piece of kraft paper and lied it diagonally and folded the bottom section over the bouquet. I then folded over the other side and then back to the other side.  Lastly I tied string around the bouquet and then added some colored ribbon for a pop of color.  Even though I feel in the winter the flower selection is lacking where we live, I think these still came out pretty adorable. Hope this inspires you to make someone’s day sometime soon. It really is a domino effect because doing things for others made our day as well.

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