Santa Time

Hey guys! Hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season! We just recently got back from visiting CJ’s family and had a really great time. The kids got spoiled with love and attention and we even got to see a movie!! When Thursday came it was ready, set, goooooo with a vengeance. Meetings, doctors appointments, grocery shopping, etc. But I have to say it’s good to be home and the kids sleep so much better.

We always have had Nola see Santa somewhere, we haven’t stuck to one place or another, but this year the kid’s got to see Santa at Macy’s. And it was fun because this year was Jonas’s first Santa visit! I can tell you that from all the Santa encounters our kids aren’t sold yet on the magical appeal of Santa. I don’t like seeing my kid’s cry, but with Santa that’s the exception, they crack me up. So enjoy!



we never thought easy going jonas would be upset, but we were wrong. and nola’s like what the world is going on guys? ha love this! (sorry this photo is so blurry, i need to take the time sometime to scan it in)


2014 Santa

2013 2013 - Santa 2012


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