Our Girl is ONE!!!

I’m excited to tell you all that our girl turned ONE last week!  In many ways this first year as being parents has flown by, as most people would say.  But at the same it also seemed like this year was so jam packed with learning and experiencing so much, and lot of it just on our own, it seems like this year was long too.  And I don’t mean that in a bad way, I promise 🙂

Last year we moved to San Francisco in May and had Nola in July.  So to say it was a whirlwind is an understatement.  Honestly thinking about it makes me tired and I’m already a deprived mama from sleep the way it is!  Though It was our decision to move here and we don’t regret the opportunities or experiences, being far from a large support system with a child is REALLY hard.  So I also look at this year as a celebration and want to high five my guy because we did it!

To tell you how we feel for this child of ours is hard to put down in words.  Our universe shifted to a better place once she was put into our lives.  And can I tell you how fond I am of this little person, seriously, after she’s been sleeping for a couple of hours I start missing her and I can’t tell you how often we find ourselves looking at photos of her over and over again.  So yeah, we are a big fan.  I have to say I am beyond blessed and lucky to be this sweet girls mama.

Here’s month by month photos of Nola:

day1    1mo

2mo    3mo

4mo    5mo

6mo    7mo

8mo   9mo

10mo    11mo_b

DSC_0324 copy

One thought on “Our Girl is ONE!!!

  1. Krystal

    She is just the CUTEST, you guys!!!!!!!! Loved this month by month photo recap!! You can see how much she’s grown, but how much she’s retained those precious features.


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