My Baby’s 6 Months!

Last week our sweet girl hit her 6 month milestone!  I am excited that she is now old enough to use sunscreen, the jogging stroller and get her flu shot!  A few things I’m not quite ready for are introducing her to food (anyone else kind of like the idea of just whipping out the boob and not having to prep anything?), crawling (nope, like her staying put for now!) and just that she’s not my little tiny baby anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I am loving how she is growing and healthy.  I am blown away by how amazing it is to see her learn new things daily and it reaffirms that every baby is such a miracle!

Here’s our sweet Nola and you can see how much she’s grown from month to month.

firstdayold onemonth twomonth threemonth fourmonth fivemonth

We decided to keep her half birthday small and got a little cake and balloons to celebrate.  We have the philosophy in our household to have fun even in small things, am I right?!  (let’s hope we are as ambitious when our second kiddo comes around :))




Oh goodness, now my creative juices are already flowing for her 1 year birthday!


3 thoughts on “My Baby’s 6 Months!

    1. missy Post author

      haha, that’s a good observation! we had ulterior motives on getting that cake 🙂 we have started giving nola cereal, squash and applesauce. so far she’s not a fan!


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