Nola’s Dance Recital

This past weekend (this is funny b/c I started this post at the end of may??? truthyfully I’m amazed I even get to these posts, but I really am trying to document these moments, so I’m doing my best with 2 kids, laundry and mountains of dirty dishes :)) Nola had her dance recital. This is our second recital and though I’ve caught onto a few things from the first one, it really does amaze me how much work goes into the production from everyone and how much fun it really is! Honestly even taking Nola to rehearsal is exciting. And I can’t say enough good things about Spotlight. Nola’s teacher was great and I could tell how much she grew in a year. Hip hop is not easy for little kids bc there is not a lot of repeat moves and after watching the ballet routines at her age, trust me on this hip hop is hard. But Nola did so great and we were so PROUD because we could tell she was really trying to make sure she did all the moves. Have I mentioned lately how much fun it is to be a parent?! Here’s some photos of the day if you care to see:

This was rehearsal, which is so much fun because then the kids can watch the other kid’s routines. The kiddos watching is Nola’s dance team.

This is Nola pre-dance, all ready to go! This time I let her wear some makeup because she loves makeup and really what does it hurt? It made her day and we make sure to tell her beauty is only on the outside…KIDDING 🙂 I know you all watched dance moms back in the day on TLC and it gave dance mom’s the bad rap and now you think the whole dance thing and the parents are crazy. I’m here to say it’s truly nothing like that. Of course I only have a 4 year old and it’s pretty low key, but from everything I experienced the teacher’s and mom’s they are awesome. In fact since summer break I miss sitting in the hallways Wednesday night chatting it up with the parents during class. And I’m proud to say I’m a dance mom.

Our little fam bam with the tiny dancer (catch that)

Jonas made sure to live up to his age and basically CJ had to sit outside with him for most of the recital and then he passed out. In his defense this was right during nap time. Nola adores her little brother.

Nola with her flowers from us and papa and grandma which she loved!!

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