Merry Christmas!!

Hey Guys!  Hope you had a blessed and very Merry Christmas this year!  We had such a great one and enjoyed our low key time together.  It’s been great to have this holiday time to give Nola some focused attention before baby #2 gets here.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m a huge fan of Christmas cards!  I love getting them in the mail and seeing how everybody’s been up to.  As much as I love getting Christmas Cards I also love figuring out what our cards are going to be each year.  Drinking hot chocolate (other years it probably would be spiked apple cider) with a Christmas movie on in the background and addressing our cards to me is almost therapeutic!  Here’s our cards from this year:


It seems so weird that Christmas has come and gone.  You plan so many activities and there’s so much hype leading up to the holiday that once it’s over it’s kind of sad.  This Christmas has been the first one, in I don’t know how long…years and years, where we were able to celebrate Christmas at our own place in the morning, later in the afternoon go to a family Christmas event AND THEN go back home just our little family.  We are really enjoying this living closer to family thing!  But we still hate the winter weather though, don’t think that will ever change. 🙂

I don’t go too overboard with Christmas decorations because frankly I don’t like all the work it takes to take everything down, but we made sure to have pops of Christmas charm throughout our place.  Here are a few photos if you care to see:

DSC_0004_2 i have learned that my list of advent activities was much too ambitious!  next year i am scaling it back so it doesn’t seem so busy and stressful trying to do everything!  we  sure didn’t get to everything, but we tried.  i have to say, our most favorite activity was giving cookies to our neighbors, nola loved it! DSC_0005 DSC_0016 we don’t have a fireplace 🙁 so i hung up removable contact paper and drew one!  don’t worry nola bear santa’s coming to town!! DSC_0017 and last but not least our very low-key christmas tree 

And just for fun here’s a post on how we decorated for Christmas last year!

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