Lemos Pumpkin Patch

Once October gets here I already start thinking/planning when we will go to a pumpkin patch.  Pre-baby we also made a point of going to them, but I have to say since Nola came along going to them is that much better.  Yeah I’m a pretty big advocate for saying life with a kid is pretty fun!  A couple of weekends ago a group of us went and it was a beautiful fall brisk day, we were amongst great people and most importantly our sweet toddlers seemed to have a wonderful time.  So the day was a good one for sure.  Here are some photos of the day if you care to see.

DSC_0482 ^^^ all moms are biased (and should be) but i do think this little lady is pretty cute ^^^

DSC_0486 ^^^ family photo ^^^

IMG_3920 ^^^ going on the hayride ^^^

DSC_0523 ^^^ what happens when you try taking a photo of 3 toddlers at the same time ^^^

DSC_0542 ^^^ ok lets try this with the mamas, the kids still refuse to look, haha ^^^

IMG_0719 ^^^ this photo was at the same place a year ago.  and why i kiss my girl 500 times a day, they grow up so quickly! ^^^

IMG_0112 ^^^and just for fun, this photo was taken at a pumpkin farm near chicago 5 years ago!^^^

I have been laboring over Nola’s halloween costume this past weekend and can’t wait to share photos!  Hope you have a great Monday and fun Halloween Week!

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