Jonas’s Birthday

My sweet little Jonas turned the big TWO this month and I have to say, celebrating someone you love so much is a lot of fun. Having my baby getting older is hard for me though. Time truly is a thief, and I know I am a broken record over here complaining about my kid’s getting older, but at the same time I am thrilled that he is growing and healthy. It’s mind blowing seeing him become into his own person and realizing how truly sweet and smart he is. Do I even dare say things are starting to get easier in general? Don’t get me wrong we still don’t get much sleep, there’s the regular toddler tantrums and we are daily begging him to eat, etc. But things got a lot easier once he started communicating and understanding things.

Things I don’t want to forget at this stage:

– His favorite person is daddy and nola (whatever kid, not that i feed you, do your laundry and watch you everyday, not bitter about this at all :))
– Sadly his favorite food is sweets (just like his sister) but that doesn’t mean he gets them regularly (actually some days it may mean that). However, he does ask for apples multiple times a day and also loves cucumbers and edamame.
– Jonas loves musical instruments, cars, trucks and tools. If anyone has tips on how you can make playing trucks more exciting and fun for toddler and mommy PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! (so so hard after awhile)
– He is sooo good at remembering words to songs (his favorite is: sun, sun mr golden sun), he can count to 3, and his favorite letter is ‘E’. If he’s watching sesame street and the letter of the day isn’t ‘E’ he get’s pretty upset, which is so cute and hilarious.
– He loves playing outside, but doesn’t love keeping on his gloves on.
– Jonas asks to be held like a baby and then pretends he is one, it’s so weird and adorable. He is our baby after all so I get it 🙂
– Nola is his best friend and he also loves to copy everything she does. I get it, she’s pretty cool, but you know, when she walks down the slide or jumps from one couch to the other, let’s just say we still need to keep an eye on that kid most of the time.

Last year we didn’t have a party so this time around we made sure to have a little celebration. It was so much fun gathering our family and friends to love on our boy. We had it at the Seventeen Radish and I can’t express how adorable of a place that is and how great of a venue it is for a little kid’s birthday party! They have such great toys and play stations that if you didn’t even want to have activities or games you wouldn’t have to at all! In fact after we had cake instead of opening gifts, like we had planned, we let the kids loose and let them keep on playing which they were more than happy to do.

Here’s some photos of the party if you care to see:

DSC_0157 DSC_0159 see that fruit bowl, i was dreaming about an acai bowl while putting that thing together 🙂 DSC_0180 we had to have marshmallows because, sadly yes, that is his favorite food DSC_0185 DSC_0186 DSC_0195 DSC_0219 if you ever come to a gammon birthday party, it’s a tradition to have a puppet show and I should mention cj does the best ones! DSC_0212 dance party!! DSC_0165 DSC_0220 copy can we talk about how handsome he is in his birthday crown and how excited i was that he kept it on!! later that day they played outside and he wore it over his stocking hat! DSC_0224 his shyness giving in after people started singing, bless!! DSC_0228 DSC_0237 DSC_0238 it was the sweetest seeing him hand out the gift bags to all his adorable friends!

Jonas is my snuggle bunny and will always and forever be my sweet little boy.  There’s so much to say about my boy and nothing I type will adequately describe the joy he brings our family and how thankful I am he is in our lives. I love you Jonas, I hope you always know that and feel loved by your family and friends all your life!!

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