I recently read a book by elisabeth egan where they described January and February perfectly, “January and February are just frozen appetizers for the fillet of the year, which arrives in March, when you can finally wear a down vest to walk the dog. That’s when I commit to my annual resolutions: become more flexible in all senses of the word, stop snapping at my family, start feeding the parking meter, take wet laundry out of the machine before it mildews…”  Isn’t that the truth though? I mean the idea of starting the new year’s resolutions in March is genius! Because January and February are pretty much washes in my book and all we need to do is SURVIVE. And whatever that means for you I don’t judge or what I am really saying is I don’t judge me at this time. I have also decided that as long as we are living in the Midwest, going forward we are going somewhere warm in this sad sad period.

But this isn’t all about complaining about the weather. In fact I have recently discovered that with someone like myself, who doesn’t shower regularly, may or may not wear the same thing two days in a row, forget to comb my hair, you get the idea…I can be an absolute slob. And I don’t say this because I’m proud, it’s just sometimes survival with the littles. Ok, ok, so back to the upside of cold weather, friends, if you have a longer coat with a belt (need a little form fitting), stocking hat, sunglasses and lipstick you can actually look put together with pretty much just falling out of bed, which I of course love! So winter I give you that, thanks for letting me fool everyone when I have to get out, I really do appreciate that!

And of course my sweet boy was born in January which makes this month truly special and always something we can look forward to as well. I have posts to write about that boy and his birthday sometime in the future.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before but I read this fascinating article about the Norwegians. They have a pretty tough winter and after doing a study on the Norwegian locals it came by surprising that the resident’s depression was much lower than one might think. The reason? ATTITUDE. So I am trying to have a better mindset on this winter. In fact today I had to quick shovel the drive way and while I was doing it I was surprised how much I enjoyed doing it! I may have to take that chore up in the future!

I hope you all are treating yourself to something special during this trying season and if it means, taking some vitamin D, getting a massage, getting your hair done, eating lots of soup, buying a new lipstick, shoveling, taking a vacation (if you have a palatable checkbook) do what you got to do!! And maybe we can all encourage each other on along the way until we get to March and April.

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