January Ramblings

Dear Future Old Self,

I’d say the best word to describe January 2017 is survival. We are surviving colds that are going on for longer than a month, portions of solo parenting, trying to sleep train…see…survival at this point. January in the midwest, why do you have to be so hard!! One glimmer of sunshine during this survival month is that we get to celebrate my sweet boy’s birthday.

So here’s what’s been happening in our neck of the woods:

– watching: This is Us, the Bachelor, Minimalism (off of Netflix which I highly recommend) and OA (which to me was so addicting and very unsatisfying!!)

– eating: I made this pot pie and chicken tortilla soup twice! Both are really good! I also love grabbing a roasted chicken from costco, they are so huge and cheap!!

– wanting: After watching the documentary Minimalism I really want to purge and get ride of half of our stuff. We have too much stuff!! If you come to our house ask about something you want, I may just give it to you 🙂

– One day this week it was Nola’s turn to bring in a snack and they were going to celebrate her half birthday. The roads were horrible the day before so I rushed to the grocery store the morning of school, dished 17 bowls of ice cream with sprinkles of course and honestly, was feeling pretty good about myself. UNTIL, cj called and said no one was at school. What a sh*t show of a morning and let me tell you, yes most days I’d celebrate a snow day with open arm, just not this one!!

– dreaming: Of a warm tropical vacation. I’ve mentioned this before but all Midwesterners need a warm vacation in January or February!

It’s the end of the month and I still haven’t started working out. Lets hope in February I get my act together.

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