Hello 2016


Sunrise over Cappadocia

About that long break in 2015….

To the friends and family who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I’m sure you haven’t missed me thanks to the photos I frequently post. You know that we are madly in love with our growing girl and that 2015 was a big year for the Wegners. You know that we enjoyed our time exploring beautiful Utah and were even able to travel to Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey and Hambug, Germany in the fall. You know that Nick accepted a foot/ankle surgery position at a private practice in his home city of Omaha, Nebraska and that following his fellowship graduation we returned to the Midwest to begin putting down roots.

What you may not know was that while it was easy to document our life in photos and in pithy captions, it was challenging to go more in depth in writing. I can give you a myriad reasons why: there were computer troubles, exhaustion from chasing a toddler (parents of more than one, I commend you!), big moves, travel, and struggles finding new friends, a new routine and a new normal in a new city, again. All this aside, in truth the writing wasn’t coming naturally. 2015 kicked my butt and I just wasn’t in the mood to share myself until I found a way up and through it.

Here we are in 2016 and last year is officially behind us. HUGE RELIEF. Happy New Year! I try to avoid making hard-line resolutions but today a friend asked me what mine are for the year and it got me thinking. Here’s my informal list. Maybe by writing them down in public, these goals might actually be met this year.


1) Blogging. (sorry Missy!! Thanks for being so patient.)

2) Hydrating. I was seriously so thirsty last year. Thanks to the water bottle Annie got me in Xmas 2015 Cousin Exchange, I’m now set.

3) Vietnamese food. Ara needs to know how seriously good the motherland cuisine is. Now that we’re living in Omaha, I’m going to have to recreate my mom’s dishes because paying for bad Vietnamese food is just depressing.

4) Moving. I’m so much happier when I do.

5) Date nights. Self explanatory.


1) Complaining. This is a big one,

Then there are the others, like less screen time when she’s around, more charity work, more tea, more vegetables and less crap, but really it’s all about small steps and I think the point of the New Year is to start fresh. These will keep me busy for now.

Happy NY to all! May 2016 be your year.

One thought on “Hello 2016

  1. katie

    Yay you’re back! I had many writing slumps this year too. I found that the more time that passed, the harder it was to put pen to paper (fingers to keys?). It was just hard to zero in on what to actually document when so much had happened. Good luck with the resolutions and I’m looking forward to sipping champagne with you later this month 😉


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