Girlfriends (the back story)

In case you don’t know how we became friends, figured we would tell you our “friendship” story!

Krystal’s First Impressions on Missy

Tiny girl. Big laugh.

I met Missy a few years ago when we both worked at an interior architecture and design firm in Chicago. It was my first job out of college and reality bit HARD. Anyone who has worked at this office will understand why.

In the firm, there was a constant revolving door of people leaving and arriving and Missy came in one day as a new architectural hire. I remember this friendly girl with a ready smile, a cute Wisconsin accent, and a contagious laugh that could be heard all the way across the small studio. I remember hoping she’d stay at the firm awhile so I could get to know her because everyone else there seemed so, well, TENSE. We needed to lighten the mood. Together with a few other girls, we formed a book club (where we ate, drank wine, and gossiped more than read). In our mutual misery at that office, a group of us banded together and became fast friends. To this day, I am so grateful to have met and have worked with such fun, supportive women. While a few of us have moved away since then, every time we are together, it’s like we never left.

Things I know about Missy:

  1. She loves her little family unconditionally
  2. She always looks put-together- and is especially good at accessorizing (hello, statement necklaces)
  3. Her family property in Wisconsin is drop-dead gorgeous and her family is as warm as she is
  4. She always sees the silver lining
  5. She can always be counted on to actually read the book in book club
  6. She craved kimchi when she was pregnant.
  7. We share a mutual love for the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show
  8. She may be little, but the girl loves food. And she knows how to make a mushroom dish I’d actually eat.
  9. She and CJ make a mean gingerbread house, naturally.
  10. She’s creative and would rather make something than buy it
  11. She has a baby as sweet and as beautiful as her!

Things I admire most about Missy:

  1. Her unshakeable faith
  2. Her compassion and empathy for others

Missy’s First Impressions on Krystal (aka KV)

Like Krystal had mentioned I met her and the gang (yes there are more amazing ladies) when we started working together.  I have to say, when a group of friends open up their circle to the “new girl” LOVE, LOVE you for that.  I remember when they asked me out to hang for the first time and I was SO nervous.  I don’t care how old I am, it’s still hard meeting new people!  Am I right?!  Thankfully these girls are as beautiful inside as out and made me feel right at home.


we will do another post to talk more about these wonderful ladies!

I have always admired Krystal.  She is such a classy girl.  When we worked together I was always envious on how she handled herself and was so professional.  I had an instant connection with her when it came to food and loving girly things.  We were the girls that loved studying menu’s before going to the restaurant.  We both love food so much, I don’t think I can emphasize that enough :).  Krystal is a blessing as a friend and I know through this blog you will see that awesomeness as well!

Things I know about Krystal (aka KV)

  1. krystal loves her family and would do anything for them! (we need her to blog about her parent’s story, it’s book-worthy friends!)
  2. she’s a pretty great wife to her pretty great husband (she feeds him well and recall when he was in medical school she would get him special donuts as treats, she put us to shame!)
  3. best host & party planner EVER!!!
  4. being the best host means she makes AMAZING food
  5. has an amazing wardrobe (wish we lived closer)
  6. she had the wedding of the century in my books, so bummed we became friends afterwards!
  7. as a result of having the wedding of the century, she keeps herself involved in wedding planning on the side
  8. whenever we travel i ask krystal about what to see or do b/c she’s a world traveler
  9. she loves fresh flowers
  10. krystal has a big, close-knit Vietnamese family
  11. she is an extremely considerate and generous person
  12. introduced me to the book Shadow of the Wind (if you haven’t read this book you should)

Things I admire most about Krystal:

  1. contagious fun loving spirit
  2. one of the the most stylish & sophisticated ladies you will ever meet, for reelz

visiting seattle!

 when I visited Krystal in Seattle

3 thoughts on “Girlfriends (the back story)

  1. Rebekah

    This is such a cool blog already! I had chills all throughout reading thinking about the beggining and the direction all our lives have taken. You ladies are all so wonderful!

    1. Krystal Wegner

      Love you, girl! Remember those awesome times? Like that time we had a slumber party because Nick was out of town? Or when we celebrated the Amish one book club night? And when you told us in the middle of Ohio St. outside the office that you were prego with Noah?? I can’t wait to see you ladies again!! xxo


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