Friday Ramblings

Hey Friends, how you all doing? I hope you are well! I can’t even wrap my head around the fact it’s Thanksgiving next week. Unreal how quick this year flew by. I mean my little baby is now a  big boy, crawling in lighting speed, walking along furniture and always trying to fine a way to endanger himself. This year has gone by quick!

– This week Nola’s snow pants and winter coat came in the mail, just in time for the first snow!

– When we were waiting for the snow Nola looked out the window and yelled, “it’s Christmas!!!” I died laughing

– Seeing your kids respond to the first snow of the season is MAGIC

– We also get nervous this time of the year b/c it can be a looooong winter. But all my Midwest friends, read this article!!  Apparently the Norwegians have an even harder winter than we do but studies show they have a surprisingly low seasonal depression. All comes down to attitude friends, I hope I can remember that February and March!

– I attempted to make ramen this week and it was good! I loosely used this recipe, but it was a lot of assembly and trying to get everything done and ready at one time…makes me feel going out for ramen makes sense. There’s so many good options for ramen where we used to live in Burlingame, Madison has only one place 🙁

– Still staying strong with no cable and actually doing ok! We are on an Office marathon and I look forward to it every night! But don’t you worry Food Network, Discovery and TLC you will always have my heart.

– I just tried to make chia pudding and not the biggest fan. Maybe it was the recipe, let me know if you have any good ones!

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