Friday Ramblings

Happy Friday guys!  We have a lot of fun Christmas activities planned this weekend and I hope to finish the rest of our Christmas gifts.  The weather is suppose to be quite warm for this time of the year and I’m pretty excited about that!  For you CA friends to you it would still be considered cold, but I’ll take whatever I can!  Here’s some random thoughts or things we’ve been on up to lately:

–  I am the HUGEST fan of Taylor Swifts new cd.  It is so fun and always puts me in a good mood, get it if you haven’t yet!

–  On our road trip to NC for Thanksgiving I was so excited to finally listen to the podcast Serial.  It’s a very popular podcast which is actually the fastest downloaded podcast in the history of ITunes.  It’s re-looking at an investigation of a 1999 Baltimore murder and it’s fascinating!  CJ and I would discuss and analyze things over and over again throughout the trip, we are slightly obsessed.  CJ actually listened to them all already but he was willing to listen to them all again with me, he’s sweet like that.  Next week is the last podcast to the series and I need to catch up, eeck!

–  I know, I know, I am ashamed to admit that I have complained numerous times about Nola’s sleeping habits since transitioning her to a big bed, sorry guys!  But here I am again, I just need to vent!  It’s been so rough.  Back in the day we would throw her in the crib at 8:30pm, she would fall asleep on her own and wake up around 6:30am.  Ok, so we didn’t ‘throw’ her in the crib, but truthfully she probably would prefer that, she’s a wild one like that.  But getting to sit on the sofa and have a couple of hours of your own time at the end of the day, that was AWESOME!!  That is now long gone and we are lucky if she finally is asleep by 10 with multiple times running into our room in the middle of the night.  I know once the baby comes there will be no free time anyways and it’s a phase, but pray for us!!  All I have to say is baby #2 is in the crib until they are 5, crib for life!!  Once she’s in high school I will be wishing she was in this phase versus going out and me freaking out she’s safe, but I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m tired!

–  I’m thinking that it’s probably all of these things: it being my second pregnancy, I’m in the third trimester and that I’m old, but I’m a hot mess lately.  I have back issues, bad pelvic pressure and usually a pulled muscle in my leg (I know weird).  Today at toddler and parent dance class I pretty much just sat or stood there like a log.

–  If you do an Advent Calendar with family activities I am learning that what works best for us is one activity for every 2 days.  Next year I will be doing that!  For example, making salt dough ornaments, we needed day 1 to make the ornaments and day 2 to decorate them.  Plus it gives me leeway if we don’t get around doing an activity everyday, that has happened.

–  I’d love thoughts from any of you on what you think about getting an appliance for juicing or making smoothies.  I’m currently leaning towards a juicer but still on the fence, one of our new years resolutions on being more healthy!

That’s all that is going on in my jumbled brain right now.  And when Nola wakes up in the middle of the night I crave and think of pancakes EVERY night.  It’s so strange.  Hope you are all well and have a festive weekend!

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