Friday Ramblings

– Living in Chicago for 5 plus years you can’t help but be super excited the Cubs finally made it to the World Series. I am the most excited for many of my die hard friends who get to finally see this happen! My dad also told me today that my grandpa was a huge fan and he and my mom has memories of him listening to the games on the radio.

– We went on a date this week. Trying to be intentional about it, even when it seems like more work and a hassle during this chapter of our lives. I get stressed trying to pick up the house and and the kids fed before we leave. I want to care less about the having a messy house, but I can’t help I still have some self preservation.

– I watched the cheesiest movie on Netflix, but I LOVED it. It’s called Heart of the Country. It was like one of those Hallmark, feel good movies, but it was so good!!

–  We have this clock for Nola. You can set it so that it lights up green when she can leave her room. It hasn’t been reset since she started school and we finally changed it because she’s been waking up way too early these days (5:30!!). Well we accidentally set the alarm rather than the light and when we heard it go off when CJ ran in her room this morning and he found Nola under the covers!! She’s so stinkin cute and cracks us up!!! Needless to say if there’s anything beeping, like maybe a fire detector, she won’t leave the room and put the blankets over the head. Promise we are working on that! And rest assured we have changed the clock!

– I made these cinnamon rolls today and they were good! They really weren’t that hard either, it’s just takes some time for the dough to rise. Make them, you will be happy!

– During football season we now have become the typical WI family that wears badger gear each Saturday. It’s so comical for us especially, but I also kind of love it.

Hope you all have a good weekend! On our list of things to do is carving our pumpkins.

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