Friday Ramblings

Hey Guys! I hope you are all well. I’ve been looking forward to Christmas for awhile now, and weirdly after I got our Christmas cards sent it now seems like it’s taking forever to get here. I think it’s because it just seems like things are in limbo over here on our future (nothing bad don’t worry) and I feel like a new year is a fresh start and a good point to make new goals. Something I’m really looking forward to. But I don’t want that to cloud my feelings toward Christmas and I’m hoping to really focus on the real meaning of the Season.

Here’s some other random thoughts or what we’ve been up to:

– Jonas is teething so bad right now. He is rubbing his ears, drooling and biting fabric, bless his heart. Also very discerning when I’m feeding him, but he’s still doing ok with that so far…

– Recently we did a neighborhood crawl and it was a lot of fun. Each house did an appetizer of some sort, we did a chocolate bar and had so much fun doing it we did it again with my family the next night. We made Nola’s sweet tooth dreams come true.

– On the same note we made Christmas cookies this week. Since having kids I now bake and surprisingly I have come to realize that I actually don’t mind baking, but the clean-up is what I hate. After all the dishes of preparing meals 3 times a day (highchair’s kill me people) more dishes just put me over the edge. But we all prevailed and oddly Nola loves doing that stuff and has a long attention span on this activity.

– Cj’s aunt recommended the show A Chef’s Life on PBS and I love it! One day Nola watched an episode with me and we had so much fun! She’s just like me, whatever is on the episode we want to eat at that very moment. She promises me when she’s older she will make us good food. I just love that girl so much! CJ saw us watching the show and he said my dreams came true jokingly, but actually my dreams did come true with that girl (and that husband of mine and my sweet little boy).

– I decided that I was going to work on some new hand lettering techniques while addressing our Christmas cards and that set me back dayssss. It was truly ridiculous, but when I went back to my quick way of addressing the cards it looked so bad, so I would go back to the hard way.

IMG_9213 off-roading!!

IMG_9192 nola loves her cousin so much! IMG_9183 isn’t he just the sweetest little man??

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are truly enjoying this Holiday season.

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