France_2 Pharmacie and Laduree LOVE

I really could do a post for each day we were in France, but that’s like when your family makes you sit down and look at 100’s of photos of their trip and your heart just sinks a little bit. And I promise we really do like seeing photo’s from people’s trips, we aren’t complete jerks!! Just not 100’s of photos?? Is that bad? Maybe…we’ll work on that. Anyways, so instead of 15 different posts maybe I’ll narrow it down to 7?!? But then again maybe I will do 15 and it will probably take the entire year to complete because I’m that sloooow these days. It’s a blog, you can choose not to read them if you want to :). Nola was just saying she missed vacation and I do too!! Plus I am up to my eyeballs on house stuff that I need a moment where I can reminisce and think about something else.

Where should I start, I guess it’s best to back up and first tell you what comes to my mind when I think about French women. They have a natural timeless beauty, they are confident, they wear ballet flats, they wear trench coats, they would never be out and about wearing yoga pants and a baseball hat…what they are is put together. This may or not be accurate but this is what I have ingrained in my head and honestly something I look up to and admire. There’s a reason I’m not French, because baseball hats save me truly, but I would love to be more put together and that it would be a daily norm. One reason I believe the French woman are so exquisite is because of the quality beauty products available to them at their Pharmacie’s. They have them all over Paris and I saw them even in the small town we were staying at in the country. These are not like your typical Walgreens, mind you. Along with wanting to see the Eiffel Tower it was my mission to find the fountain of youth at these Pharmacies.

After searching the pharmacies and claiming to cj once all of it was gone we were going to need to come back to Paris to get more, kidding – I later found out some of the stuff is sold on Amazon, naturally we headed out to find something to eat. On our list was Laduree and it did not disappoint. We let Nola get whatever she wanted and we of course choose some treats for ourselves as well.

Here’s some photos of the day if you care to see:

IMG_9226 Processed with VSCO with c1 preset IMG_9241 IMG_9242 IMG_9248 IMG_9251

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