First Day of School

We’ve been trying to get into the groove with school and honestly it’s been hard to get into a good routine. We are getting there, but I actually was thinking, ‘man I can’t wait until it’s summer and we don’t have to be so rushed‘. Which of course is super sad and hilarious since we have practically the whole year yet! But at the same time school’s been such a good thing. Nola loves it and we are so thankful how she’s become so well adjusted. I mentioned to a couple of people how I always think about homeschooling, but since we aren’t world travelers (we can all hope, right?) and we are staying put these days, I think this works best for our family.

Here’s photos on the first day. We of course needed to dig up another backpack for sweet Jonas boy because he needs to be doing anything sisters doing.

dsc_0006 this photo is a good depiction of my two kiddos. jonas is so happy he’s included and nola’s miss thing! gah i love these two silly!
dsc_0004 img_1189 i don’t say it enough but nola is a really good egg and sister!! she loves her little brother so much. img_1188 we are proud of this little girl and so thankful for her! nola i pray you have an amazing year!!!

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