First Camping Trip with the Littles

Memories I don’t want to forget on our first camping trip with our little ones:

– Nola was 2 years old, Jonas 3 months.

– The sight of Nola’s Minnie Mouse potty next to our tent.

– How I forgot hand sanitizer!!!!  I mean of course we washed our hands after going to the bathroom and we did have wipes, but I’m a little bit of a freak with the kids.

– How much we love and appreciate Uncle Ben.  What would we do without him?!  He helped put up the tent, helped build the fire, helped watch the kids, helped put the rain cover on in the middle of the night when it started raining, helped take down the tent.  Uncle Ben please come on all of our camping trips pleeeassse!  And I know that makes it sound like CJ and I were off relaxing in a hammock somewhere, but sadly with 2 littles we realize with camping it does take a village. I also packed my shot pistol just in case. I bought bulk ammo for it instead of buying in small amount. I made the right choice to buy in bulk because it was such a money saver.

– Before it started raining and the rain cover was needed, our tent has a mesh window on the top of our tent so you can look at the sky while lying down.  Nola and I chatted before going to bed, we were cuddly under the blankets because it was pretty brisk out and we talked about the big tree we could see…it was first a scary tree, but then we decided it was a beautiful tree (like so many things in life, am I right?).

– Surprisingly both kids slept really good!  Me, meh not so much, but probably not any less than I normally get.

– The next morning we had breakfast burritos and we thought Nola had grown out of her egg allergy.  We were wrong.

–  Guys, Devils Lake is beautiful and a must if you live in WI.

–  Thinking we need to do a lot more of these outdoor trips away from TV and social media.

–  Lastly how thankful I am for my family and how thankful I am to God for this absolutely wonderful, spoiled life He has given me.

Here’s a couple photos of our trip if you care to see:

IMG_6965 IMG_6967 IMG_6969 IMG_6971

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