dreaming – BIG

Hey guys!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  My parents and Nola’s cousins (her favorite people in the entire world) babysat one night this weekend and CJ and I were able to go out on a date night!  It was a good night.  For one, we know Nola was having a blast and we got some quality time to enjoy each other.

Recently someone I follow on Instagram posted about what their family dreams are for the next 5 years.  They have 2 little boys in grade school and the list was pretty insane/awesome.  On the top of their list consisted of 1.doing an around the world trip  2.move to Hawaii for a year  3.drive from London to Capetown  4.sail around Europe for a summer  5.buy a small country house with a pool  6.travel around the US in an Airstream  7.study art in Florence  8.move to NYC for a year.  Is this list not amazing and inspiring?  This family already moved to Paris for a year and luckily they both have jobs they can work remotely so I’m excited to see what they decide to do!  Granted this wouldn’t be our list (driving from London to Capetown, no we don’t want to die) but some listed would be on it for sure!  

So yesterday we dreamed.  We dreamed BIG, made a list and don’t be surprised if we do something crazy in the next couple of years.  If you know us well you know that we don’t have a ton of things.  We have one vehicle and don’t own a home (we would if we could in San Francisco but that’s life) but on the positive side we have so much more flexibility!  We often talk about the whole school situation if we did a year adventure, but decided we aren’t going to hold back.  The experiences our kids will learn from these adventures in our mind will be priceless.  Who knows if we can financially make it work or if CJ’s job will allow us to do something like this, but we are going to still keep on dreaming and planning.

I should note that the idea of buying a home someday and getting settled where we stay put for 15 years sure sounds nice and we hope we figure that out.  But I encourage everyone to dream, and if you can’t do something crazy now, plan on it when you retire or for a week vacation.  Life’s too short not to am I right?  I feel pretty fortunate to have found my adventure partner who likes to dream as much as I do.  Right now we are hanging low because of the upcoming holidays and because we are preparing for our second best adventure yet – baby #2, but we can’t wait to start traveling again!  So here’s to a good Monday and thinking about amazing things that we could someday do or see!

DSC_0175 photo from our trip to Hawaii, we dream about that place a lot!

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