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Every New Year, I’m tempted to compile a list of goals or resolutions that will help keep me motivated throughout the year. Like everyone else, I quickly lose interest by week 2 once it becomes apparent that either the goal is too hard/time-consuming/there’s-always-next-year, right?

Then I hit 30 last month. While the milestone itself isn’t scary, entering a new decade has become a game-changer. Despite the internal eye-rolling usually prompted when someone says “resolution”, here lies the beauty of the word: it pushes you to become a better version of yourself. Even if you don’t achieve that goal in the time you’ve set, the important thing is that it gets you to try and not be complacent.

So it’s time for me to get out of the butt imprint on the couch and yes, set some goals because while 2012 was a year of settling in and getting comfortable, 2013 is going to be a year of change and transition in preparation for 2014: the year of YET ANOTHER BIG MOVE (city tbd).

Here’s the list for this year…I’d like to think these are achievable enough to go from resolutions to just good habits.

The New Year Resolutions

Try a new recipe every week

Do more things for Nick

Go to church, reconnect

Go to Pure Barre once a week. I need to be able to touch my toes again

Love the phone again (stay in better contact with friends and family)

Read more

Write more (that includes this blog)

Entertain more (i.e. don’t be such a hermit)

Be better about sending out cards

Learn to love tea

Organize my photos….from 2005 onward

Keep moving forward

Set more goals, and don’t be afraid of the new


So far, it’s been steady progress. I tried a recipe for cauliflower/leek soup (actually delicious, will post the recipe later) over the weekend, booked a massage appointment for Nick since he’s been flying all over the place for interviews with little sleep, tried a new tea (Darjeeling, not bad), and have been to Pure Barre a couple times. My muscles are screaming but my toes are looking nearer each time! It’s also nice to have a project to keep busy during the evenings. This blog has been a welcome and productive distraction from all the bad TV I’ve been watching lately! A good beginning to 2013 so far.


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