Decorating for the Holidays

Last night we took down the tree and some of our Christmas decorations.  Since we don’t have a lot of storage I don’t buy a lot of Christmas decor (our fake christmas tree is under Nola’s crib if that gives you an idea of our storage issues…highly considering putting stuff in our unused fireplace, j/k, but only kinda).  But that doesn’t mean I don’t want our place to look festive and full of Christmas spirit.  So what I did was hit up the San Francisco Flower Mart and see what I could get to make our place ready for the Holidays.

The Flower Mart is one of the reasons why I love living so close to the city.  There are multiple buildings that offer such a great selection of all different types of flowers, plants, branches and supplies.  I feel so inspired and happy when I’m looking around and think in another lifetime I was mean to be a florist.  There was a ton of stuff for Christmas, but what I decided upon was bay leaves, seeded eucalyptus and red and blue berries.

The biggest task I did with what I got was making a bay-leaf garland.  I used this tutorial as a guide.  It got dry pretty quick, but I really did love how it looked!  I had so much leftover I was able to decorate all the rooms and I had so much fun doing it!  I highly recommend doing this if you have availability to a flower mart or can order bay leaves and berries from a local florist.

christmas_decor2 ^^^  having fun at the mart! ^^^

christmas_decor1 ^^^ please ignore the baby gate…life with a toddler ^^^

One thing I’m making sure of for next year is getting the tree and decorations up sooner so we can enjoy them a bit longer!  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and for my WI family and friends stay warm and be safe!!

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