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Hey guys!  Hope you all are having a good start of the week!  I started my Monday with getting some cavities getting filled, so it started off a little shaky (I mean can they please not have the drill sound so horrible, engineers can we invent something that’s silent I mean we got to Pluto to take photos but this can’t be done?!!), but hey I have two cute kids and a handsome hubby so things can turn around very quickly.

This past weekend we took the kids to a splash pad.  Shortly after we got there the water got shut off.  We were told it would be turned back on in 15 minutes so we decided to wait around.  Nola and some other kids played in the outdoor shower meant for people to clean off before and afterwards.  They never got the water to go back on, but Nola and her newfound friends didn’t mind.  They were having fun in this little bitty shower.  Aren’t kids the best?  They continue to teach us valuable lessons all the time!  They didn’t need all the fancy splash pad features, they only needed water and were even willing to share!!  I need to do that more often in my life.  I struggle sometimes with being happy with my life or just being content with where we are at.  If only I had this, or I wish I had that job, or why can’t we go on that amazing vacation?!  But typically shortly after I have these thoughts I am reminded that this life I’m living is not only ok, but pretty damn wonderful actually.

TO3_3206 2 copy love this little crew of mine!  photo by twig & olive photography.

Friday Ramblings

Hey Friends!  Hope you all had a great week!  We are looking forward to the weekend and things are starting off pretty good around here!  For one, this week flew by, we started working out again (crossing our fingers we can keep it up), I did my hair AND we went out for breakfast this morning and found an awesome new place Crema Cafe (thanks to a friend’s referral) that we loved!

– We are planning and scheming ideas for Nola’s birthday.  We can’t wait to celebrate and spoil our little girl!

– My good friend told me that someone she knows who also blogs prints out all her posts at the end of each year.  I love that idea and plan to do that as well.  I think what’s the most fun about blogging is seeing how much the kiddos changed from each year.

– I would love some good summer recipes.  If you have any please share with me!  This super easy tomato sandwich is something I have eaten numerous times this week, so good!

– Most of you know may know this already, but I’m also a contributor to Madison Moms Blog.  My last post I created a scavenger hunt for the kiddos.  Check if out if you are looking for something new to entertain your kids with and bonus it’s something to do outside!

– The greatest thing we have discovered recently is evening swims at the local community pool.  This way I don’t have to worry about Jonas being out in the sun and we can wear Nola out right before bed.  I have been loving this summer here in WI so far!!

– I plan on doing a post all about Jonas because, tears, he is almost 6 months!  But I just have to tell ya, that baby is the best.  He wakes up every morning with the biggest smile and so we all get to start each day with Jonas joy.  Don’t think I don’t count my blessings everyday for my little family because I really do.

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Friday Ramblings

Hey friends and happy Friday!  How’s everyone doing?!?  This week was our first week back from Florida and I think I finally feel like I’m kind of in a groove and schedule again?  I was legitimately worried how I was going to entertain my toddler and baby for 2 weeks without Nola’s toys and to be real here Jonas’ swing in a small condo.  I’m happy to report our time was pretty awesome and I realize toys can be overrated.  Granted the weather was great and we had lots of things to do and see outside!  I told CJ that this beach vacation got me in shape for a next beach vacation, ha!  Mama’s of more than one, the workout you get, that’s no joke!  Most days included us walking miles with Jonas in my wrap and Nola in the stroller.  I will post more about our trip in the near future, but in the mean time here’s what we have been up to lately and what’s been on my mind.

– I love Smitten Kitchen and this recent recipe I will eat all summer long and you probably should too, I’ve eaten for the past two days.

– I read the book The Girl on the Train on our trip.  Guys, this book scared the crap out of me!  It’s not necessarily a scary book, it’s more suspenseful, but it just freaked me out.  I wanted to hug my babies after reading it.  I’m a total wuss.

– Our place we stayed at in Florida had the smallest kitchenette area and so we virtually ate out most of our meals.  The thing I missed the most was having a kitchen and making food!  I love making food and it’s my way of taking care and loving on my family.

– Today I put all of our photos from our camera, CJ’s phone and my phone onto the computer.  People please do not let it get out of hand like I do.  The editing, deleting, sorting and organizing is ridiculous.  And make sure to back all your photos up!!

– I’m so excited to set up our tiny deck to grill and eat outside.  Right now I have nothing, but if we make some sort of outdoor space please come over and eat and drink with us.

– This week I finally got my hair done!  What a treat!  I have light brown hair, eeck!  Not all over, but I now feel ready for summer.

– Guys I have an almost 3 month baby and I have baby fever.  Does that even make sense?  We most likely are done with our two kiddos, but in another life I’d probably have 12 kids.  Also don’t think if you come by me and you have a little baby and that I won’t want to hold, hug and kiss your sweet thing.  I promise to use hand sanitizer.

– Every night, probably since Jonas has been born, CJ and I agree to watch a movie early evening and by the kids are asleep we change our minds…every single night.  Last night we toughed it out and decided to watch the longest most confusing movie, Interstellar, which I don’t recommend if you lack sleep.  We really liked it though, it didn’t go without some google explanations for me to completely wrap my brain around it though.

Thank you for letting me vent my guts out to you!  Hope you all have a great weekend, the weather here in WI looks awesome!

IMG_6025 copy photo from rosemary beach

Burlingame Love

There’s no hiding the fact that we miss our last home in Burlingame.  Nola was born there and that was her first home.  We will always call her our CA girl.  We figured out how to be parents there, basically on our own and by the grace of God, and explored our little butts off whenever we could.  It was a good chapter in our lives.

Here are some of our favorite photos from our last family photo session in Burlingame.  Clearly these are super old and I’m following Krystal’s lead on sharing these 8 months old!  Of course since then we added another sweet addition to the family, but these are too good not to post and it’s always fun to look back at the good memories.

View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:

Trust me I had to refrain myself from posting more because we got a LOT of good ones.  I just love looking at them and reminiscing.  Each photo really represents our life so well back then.  From us dancing in our living room, coloring at the table, playing at our local park, pushing that red car EVERYDAY up and down Burlingame Ave to us standing in front of apartment (and can I mention in that last photo I feel like I don’t look short, kind of obsessed with it bc of that :))….we love you Burlingame!!

I can’t do this post without mentioning our photographer Carissa Graham.  You ever meet someone and have that connection?  Lets just put it this way, if we hadn’t moved I probably would have called her to hang or beg her to be my friend.  I just loved her instantly as a person and could tell she was good people.  I would recommend her to all my Bay area friends, but she recently moved to the Charlotte area per her Instagram.  So if anyone lives in the Charlotte area and needs a good photographer hit her up!!  Thanks Carissa for documenting this special chapter in our lives!!

Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings:

Hey guys hope you are all well!  We are good over here!  Though there are many times where simultaneously I have both kiddos crying, both have dirty diapers (i am convinced they are conspiring against me b/c this happens everyday now) and then I may at that moment sneeze and possibly pee my pants (sorry but really I have no control of my bladder anymore) we are making it work and kind of love life with two kids.  Here’s misc tid-bits of what’s been on my mind and more nonsense thoughts if you care to read.

1.  With the measles outbreak we are listening to our pediatrician and staying in with Jonas and avoiding crowds.  We also will probably not fly until he’s fully vaccinated, which is completely opposite of what we did with Nola, we flew so much that first year!  Yes I am a very paranoid mama and fully believe in vaccinations.  With CJ and I loving to do adventures, this year I guess it’s all about road trips, Lord help us all.

2.  We are trying to go to bed early, like 9:30 early and get up early to work out and work on some personal projects before the day starts.  Can I just say if this plan actually goes into fruition I will officially feel and say I now am an adult.  No not getting married, or having two kids have made me feel like an adult, I mean if we are honest here I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time.  But choosing to wake up before the kids or before I have to, like 5:30 that’s straight up adult.  I typed this before last night in which Jonas decided to stay up most of the evening.  That plan was great, but I just not ready to be an adult :).

3.  Again because the doctor said to especially avoid large crowds with Jonas and really he’s only 3 weeks old, I’m bowing out on going to the circus with Nola this weekend, which kind of breaks my heart.  I love that now Cj and Nola go on a lot of daddy/daughter dates, but I hate missing out on the fun and seeing her take in these new experiences.  On the flip side I get to snuggle with my little butter ball, watch tv and convince Cj to get me some type of treat.  I’m sure it’s the breast feeding, but I have more cravings now than when pregnant!

4.  The past year I haven’t had the desire to see any new movies coming out, but recently I have two I want to see:  Jurassic World and Kingsman (colin ferth as a nerdy guy being all James Bond, come on!!  One of the reasons I love and think my guy is so attractive and I could go on about this,  but he really is.  Nola also thinks he looks like all the princes in the movies bc he does!!)  We won’t really see these movies until they are out on dvd, but that’s ok something to look forward to.

5.  I’m finally going to schedule to get my hair cut and colored and honestly I can’t wait.  It’s been way too long and I’m excited!!

Thanks for letting me ramble!  Being a hermit, this post makes me feel like I’m in some sort of way talking to a friend on what’s up.  Clearly nothing too exciting is going on, but at the same time we really are living the best days over here.  Have a great weekend and I hope you feel especially loved this weekend!

DSC_0064 copy here are my two little valentines