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March Ramblings

This month has been the month of getting stuff done. We were able to do a quick getaway to FL to give us a taste of summer, which I am not going to lie, is killing me now. We been getting a couple of nice days, and cold weather again, it just isn’t cutting it anymore and I’m sick of it!! We also got our taxes done, had dentist apts, parent teacher conferences and CJ even fit a work trip in.

I still struggle coming up with dinner ideas but I did make the following recipes which were a success: Spring roll bowls, this steak with the most amazing sauce and panzanella salads, which truly is summer on a plate.

CJ and I finally went on a date and ate at Craftsman Table and it was good. The cheese curds live up to the hype and I also liked all the food I ordered.

My goals for next month are getting some photo albums done. I don’t know why, but it’s a task I dread. But I do know I will be so glad I did them later on in life. Plus I don’t know about your kiddos, but my kids love looking at photos of themselves, it’s so sweet.

Hands down I bought my most favorite Craigslist find ever, I vintage daybed and I am soooo happy with it. Currently it’s in our playroom and I love having a place to sit down and snuggle with the kids while reading books. However, this did not fit in our car and it was such a hassle coordinating someone to help pick it up. I promised CJ I would never buy anything from Craigslist that doesn’t fit in our car. I literally was stressed out about the whole situation, but thanks to my dad it all worked out, thanks again dad!!

Watching: This month I watched season 3 of Frankie & Grace (goodness I love that show) and The Great British Baking Show.

Reading: Everything I Never Told You. I’d recommend it, I’m not saying it was the best book I ever read, but it held my interest and I fell into the characters and their relationships.

IMG_2411 I love my time with Jonas while Nola’s in school. Here we are watching the digger out the window.

February Ramblings

Looking back at February, I have to say, things are starting to get aligned in the right direction for this year. January just is seems like a recovery from the holidays and I’m just barely holding things together. But February things are better. I’m thinking by the end of March maybe I can try for any New Year resolutions I may want to implement :).

Highlights for this month was of course Valentine’s Day, daddy/daughter dance, I started a new Bible study/workout class (which has been amazing), I had brunch for a friend’s birthday at Sardine (I highly recommend this place people), I implemented a better schedule of cleaning and thankfully our place is starting to look a little more put together on the norm and CJ and talked about going on dates again (anyone else take a hiatus during the holidays and just never start it up again?). See!! doesn’t it sound like things are looking up?!!

Goals for this year was starting to really decorate the rooms in our home. The plan was to take a room a month, but sadly nothing has been accomplished yet. I hope that we can really get some stuff done in Nola’s room in March, if I do I’ll post some pictures. I also have been researching and pinning away ideas for making a dreamy outdoor living space. Currently we have a poor looking slab of concrete. But I hope someday it will be a place we will want to hangout in all the time in the summer.

watching: Still going strong with This is Us and from Netflix, Chef’s Table & Mind of a Chef. We also recently watched the movie Arrival, which I loved so so much. And the kids are all about Moana these days and I’m ok with that too.

eating: Nothing too exciting sadly. I still make dinner most days, but not any meal really stands out right at this moment. I struggle with if I make something I usually love, the kids won’t eat it and vice versa. If you have any good recipes please share!!

never want to forget: Guys, 2 year old Jonas is everything right now. He’s so smart, funny, silly, sassy and like any mama should be, I’m obsessed with him and this age. Just picture me looking at him with the heart emoji face all day everyday, except for those days he doesn’t take a nap. I’m starting to feel desperate with time, because it is so fleeting. So these days have truly been the best days of my life and the worst knowing how quickly they will be gone. It should go without saying, but if I don’t mention Nola, trust me guys I’m obsessed with both of my kids always. Don’t worry she’s loved and cared for daily. She is amazing. I really love my fam bam.

scared of: Voles (field mice)!! We have them in the rocks in our retaining wall and they are burrowing in our lawn. I can’t you guys, they scare the shit out of me!!! They aren’t in the house and even in the garage, but I just want them not anywhere near our house.

January Ramblings

Dear Future Old Self,

I’d say the best word to describe January 2017 is survival. We are surviving colds that are going on for longer than a month, portions of solo parenting, trying to sleep train…see…survival at this point. January in the midwest, why do you have to be so hard!! One glimmer of sunshine during this survival month is that we get to celebrate my sweet boy’s birthday.

So here’s what’s been happening in our neck of the woods:

– watching: This is Us, the Bachelor, Minimalism (off of Netflix which I highly recommend) and OA (which to me was so addicting and very unsatisfying!!)

– eating: I made this pot pie and chicken tortilla soup twice! Both are really good! I also love grabbing a roasted chicken from costco, they are so huge and cheap!!

– wanting: After watching the documentary Minimalism I really want to purge and get ride of half of our stuff. We have too much stuff!! If you come to our house ask about something you want, I may just give it to you 🙂

– One day this week it was Nola’s turn to bring in a snack and they were going to celebrate her half birthday. The roads were horrible the day before so I rushed to the grocery store the morning of school, dished 17 bowls of ice cream with sprinkles of course and honestly, was feeling pretty good about myself. UNTIL, cj called and said no one was at school. What a sh*t show of a morning and let me tell you, yes most days I’d celebrate a snow day with open arm, just not this one!!

– dreaming: Of a warm tropical vacation. I’ve mentioned this before but all Midwesterners need a warm vacation in January or February!

It’s the end of the month and I still haven’t started working out. Lets hope in February I get my act together.

Friday Ramblings

– Living in Chicago for 5 plus years you can’t help but be super excited the Cubs finally made it to the World Series. I am the most excited for many of my die hard friends who get to finally see this happen! My dad also told me today that my grandpa was a huge fan and he and my mom has memories of him listening to the games on the radio.

– We went on a date this week. Trying to be intentional about it, even when it seems like more work and a hassle during this chapter of our lives. I get stressed trying to pick up the house and and the kids fed before we leave. I want to care less about the having a messy house, but I can’t help I still have some self preservation.

– I watched the cheesiest movie on Netflix, but I LOVED it. It’s called Heart of the Country. It was like one of those Hallmark, feel good movies, but it was so good!!

–  We have this clock for Nola. You can set it so that it lights up green when she can leave her room. It hasn’t been reset since she started school and we finally changed it because she’s been waking up way too early these days (5:30!!). Well we accidentally set the alarm rather than the light and when we heard it go off when CJ ran in her room this morning and he found Nola under the covers!! She’s so stinkin cute and cracks us up!!! Needless to say if there’s anything beeping, like maybe a fire detector, she won’t leave the room and put the blankets over the head. Promise we are working on that! And rest assured we have changed the clock!

– I made these cinnamon rolls today and they were good! They really weren’t that hard either, it’s just takes some time for the dough to rise. Make them, you will be happy!

– During football season we now have become the typical WI family that wears badger gear each Saturday. It’s so comical for us especially, but I also kind of love it.

Hope you all have a good weekend! On our list of things to do is carving our pumpkins.

Friday Rambling

I will probably say this the entire year, but I would really be ok with Nola going to school Monday through Thursday. I guess I’d just like the have a 3 day weekend with my girl. Every week these days seems that much more busy! But tonight when putting Jonas down I just can’t help but feel so grateful for these tired, busy and crazy days. I recently read something along the lines where these were the good days: the kids are still in the house, parents are alive and well and can’t help but be so thankful for this chapter in our lives. But at the same time already mourning because this won’t be like this forever. Oh life why do you have to be so hard sometimes!!

– Yesterday I made applesauce, brownies, lunch & dinner (that’s not something out of the ordinary) and green smoothies. So by the end of the day the house smelled like heaven thanks to the applesauce, but also looked like my kitchen blew up. I often feel like all I do is make food and do dishes ALL FREAKIN DAY LONG.

– Nola loves playing pretend makeup and sometimes I let her put real makeup on me. While putting it on me the other night she had a very concerned look. I asked her what was wrong and her response, “oh nothing, it’s just your face.” I literally died.

– I would love any inventive imaginative advice on playing trucks. Jonas would like to play that ALL day long and I lose passion guys.

Life’s good and I’m thankful.