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Spreading The Love

This post is pretty appropriate since it is Valentine’s day tomorrow. But I’m a believer on doing things outside of love day is just as good if not better! Getting a little surprise, where it’s completely unexpected, is such a treat! Sadly it seems that just trying to stay on top of our daily schedules, school, work, etc. I fall short on performing these small acts of kindness. But I am throwing that excuse to the wayside and going to try and be better. Monkey see monkey do, and if I can teach my kids to go above and beyond and be kind to others, I will be one happy mama. This little gesture is so easy and not expensive at all! We were at the grocery store and I had Nola pick out some flowers for her teacher and nurse (we adore our school’s nurse and she’s been so kind to Nola). I then found some encouraging quotes, wrote them on card stock, tied up the flowers, wrapped them up in kraft paper and there you have it! 

I had some dried hydrangeas from our tree so I added them to the flowers to add a warm touch The two quotes I used were: Nurses may not be angels but they are the next best thing and Thank you for your part in my journey. I cut out a rectangular piece of kraft paper and lied it diagonally and folded the bottom section over the bouquet. I then folded over the other side and then back to the other side.  Lastly I tied string around the bouquet and then added some colored ribbon for a pop of color.  Even though I feel in the winter the flower selection is lacking where we live, I think these still came out pretty adorable. Hope this inspires you to make someone’s day sometime soon. It really is a domino effect because doing things for others made our day as well.

Moisturizer for Getting Old

Recently my friend and I went to a class at Sephora on flawless foundation.  They helped us find moisturizers and foundations that worked best for our skin type.  I love going to classes like these because like anything, new products are coming out all the time and plus it’s always fun trying new things.  I always tease CJ that the way the world works is we make more money as we get older because of multiple reasons, but one being once we start aging our maintenance is all that much more.  From hiding those grey hairs, gym memberships, wrinkle creams, it really adds up!  🙂  Oh to be young again.


I have dry skin and larger pores so they recommended trying Algenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Gel Moisturizer (could they have thought of a longer name).  I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it if you have a similar skin type as mine.  Once I used this moisturizer followed by primer and foundation you couldn’t even see my pores!  The company that makes Algenist is based out of San Francisco.  And what makes this product special from the other wrinkle creams is that it’s a clinical skincare delivering anti-aging innovation from microalgae.  I am not an expert on the science of how this moisturizer works, but all I can attest to is it worked on me.

If anyone has a beauty product they highly recommend I’d love to hear about it!

The (Not So Little) Red Dress

Like many last evening, I was glued to the television watching President Obama’s second inauguration ceremony. Regardless of politics, I love the hopeful spirit of Inauguration Day. It is what makes this country great.

Admittedly the highlight of the night was when Michelle Obama came out in that stunning, ruby chiffon and velvet gown by Jason Wu. Nick heard me whoop with glee from the other room! While she looks beautiful in anything, what struck me was how bold and confident her color choice was, and how appropriate it was in marking the beginning of their second term in the White House.

Red is a strong statement. It gives everyone a boost whenever they wear it. It’s an “I don’t mess around” color! Forget the LBD. We all need a little more red in our lives, don’t you think?


Beautiful couple and family.  And wow, those arms.