Beginning of the End

Guys this summer has kind of been a bust. Don’t get me wrong, we accomplished a lot, and we are grateful, but all those summer activities you write done on your summer bucket list, well we hardly scratched the surface, except for eating tons of ice cream of course. And the only reason why this bums me out is because Nola starts school in September, which is REALLY really soon.

I hadn’t really thought much about 4k, I mean she went to 3k last year so what would be the big deal? UNTIL, I found out her 4k, unlike Madison’s, is 5 days a week!! I don’t know why that extra day just put me over the edge, but it did. I think it’s because it felt like with 4 days a week it just didn’t seem like real school yet. And then I started thinking how this year of school is really the start of letting go of our little girl until she goes to college. I want my kids to grow, flourish and leave the house eventually, but going through all of this is so emotional. I mean I get parents who home school or never stop having babies because this is so freakin hard!!

So the next couple of weeks we are trying to fit in as much as we can. And summer of 2017, be ready because we plan on kicking your ass, as far as fun is concerned.

DSCN1194 isn’t this photo the greatest?! Uncle Ben took it when we were swimming at his place.

DSCN1220 and I can assure you I try eating those bubble toes everyday! can we all agree baby toes are the best?!

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