Beach Essentials for Toddlers & Babies

When I think of summer these the are things that come to my mind:  heat, popsicles, sand boxes, sticky fingers, pools, beaches and laughter.  One day last week marked the beginning the summer for our little family because we got out the sprinkler, water blasters, planted flowers and ate outside.  It was a good, good day.

Along with all the fun summer brings that also means we have to dust off our summer clothes and gear.  We had to do that a little earlier for our trip to Rosemary Beach and I wanted to share with you what I think are the must have’s if you are going to the beach with toddlers or babies.

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1.  A beach tent is a must have if you have a newborn b/c they can’t wear sunscreen yet and you don’t want their sensitive skin exposed to the sun.  We actually got a different beach tent, it was good, but it took awhile to put up and it would have helped if I could have helped a little more putting it up, but I was holding Jonas and watching Nola.  Clearly I was of little help.  Krystal and her family took a trip after us and used the tent shown and she highly recommended it.  Apparently it pops open out of the bag…pure genius!
2.  This life jacket worked great and bonus they are coast guard approved.
3.  I have read many articles on scary things they put into sunscreen these days and so my go-to sunscreen that’s non-toxic for the kids is Honest Company’s sunscreen.
4.  I also love Honest Company’s suncreen stick that makes it easy to apply to our toddler’s face.
5.  This is a good baby sunhat that we have that has UPF 50+ fabric and is very light and breathable.
6.  Loving the fact these days that they are making more swimsuits that the fabric itself is also another protection from the sun.  Here’s an adorable long sleeved rash guard swimsuit from the GAP.  We got Jonas one similar but no longer available.
7.  Last but not least, we love our durable Klean Kanteen water bottle!  Got to stay hydrated in that heat.

I of course didn’t include sand toys, but that goes without saying.  And any will do!  Hope you all have a fun beach filled summer!

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