August Ramblings

  • Swimming lessons (can we just say Nola doesn’t love swimming)
  • CJ’s parents and brother visited
  • We got the pergola built – yippee!!
  • We bought school supplies
  • Able to work at the Madison Mom’s Blog – Hero’s event
  • Got a pedicure with my friends

Read: Truth and Beauty

Jonas Memories: 

Jonas: your the best mommy
Me: your the best baby!
Jonas: no i’m not the best baby, actually I am the best baby

After reading The Little Engine That Could I asked Jonas to turn off the lights. He can barely reach the light switch and he said, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

Favorite Meals:

This salad with shredded roasted chicken

Korean beef bowl

I made this recipe with pork and it was so good! The original recipe calls this Chinese beef and carrot noodle soup.

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