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Disney, the Happiest Place on Earth?!…Kidding It Was Pretty Great!

Am I the only one who gets confused by what to call Disney? I just say we are going to Disney World, but technically the correct terminology is Magic Kingdom. So just know if I say we went to Disney World what I meant is the place with Cinderella’s castle. Even though I know, I know, saying Disney World is the whole complex including Epcot, Animal Kingdom, the list goes on. I honestly think this all happened because when we lived in CA DisneyLand is just DisneyLand. And there you have it friends a glimpse of my inner conversations.

Anyways, I truly believe if you live in the Midwest a getaway is a great idea during the long winter season just so you can remember how the sun feels. So we took a quick trip to Florida in the beginning of March. While we were there the weather was pretty perfect. The best way to describe it was the end of the summer, transitioning into fall weather, mid to upper 70’s. And lucky for us, on our pool day it hit the 80’s. I probably could have been ok with slightly warmer weather, but going to the parks this weather was perfect.

We had no illusions, we know that if  we were going to Disney with a 2 and 4 year old it was going to kick our ass. So we put on our boxing gloves and comfiest shoes and got mentally ready. We got there half on hour before the park opened and left after the fireworks. That’s right friends, 12 hours of magic, er, whatever you want to call it (insert winking emoji). We hit every ride, show, parade, treats we had on our list plus some, so I call it a successful day.

Here’s some photos of the day if you care to see:

IMG_2304 This little dude fell asleep on the way to the park. Love snuggling this baby bear for as long as I can.  IMG_1537 We see the castle!! Get excited people! DSC_0008 Watching the opening show before the park officially opened. IMG_2312 When someone offers to take family photo you never turn that down.  IMG_2321 This is a little blurry but I love this one so much!! My two little Mickey loves! We are in line to the Enchanted Tales with Belle. DSC_0012 DSC_0015 Jonas with Princess Belle!! DSC_0043 After we rode Dumbo. That was such a long wait, but thankfully they have a playground the kiddos can play on and we get paged when the line is only 15 minutes long or so, such a lifesaver. But truthfully it was still too long for me! DSC_0021 DSC_0018 We found the Dole Whip!! And lets just say by the time I looked down from this photo the kids finished this off. Next one I got I made sure had rum in it 🙂 DSC_0062 After the parade we found this area and it was everything we needed and more. We could let the kids loose, eat snacks and relax a little. DSC_0071 DSC_0053 Love this photo, Jonas always snacking, haha!! DSC_0046 I love Jonas’s whole mannerism here, cracking me up. We are waiting to go into the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. We also went to Mickey’s PhilharMagic which Jonas hated so much. Poor guy was so scared of the spraying of water, etc. At the end he just kept his head in my arm crying, he couldn’t handle it anymore. Nola on the other hand loved it! IMG_1605 This is the best we could get before the fireworks. I can only imagine because we were tired and probably on a sugar high. We were lucky and found an awesome spot to sit and watch the show, we also found out Jonas does not like fireworks either, bless his sweet heart. Lets just say he is very afraid of loud noises. I had to cover his ears the entire time and he kept on trying to leave and saying, “all done!!”  DSC_0079

Overall we had a really really good day and we were so glad we were able to do everything we wanted to do and more. The weather was amazing and the kids were troopers!! Nola loved the castle, the Peter Pan ride and the parade. Funny side note, Nola loves Cinderella’s castle here more than the legit castles we saw in France, though she did state she did like those as well. We were surprised how she so quickly lost the eye for authenticity as far as castles go, but will let it slide :). Disney will do it to you I guess! Jonas’s highlight seemed to be the Peter Pan ride as well! And his dislikes were anything that was loud. My highlight was watching my kids absorbing everything. To see happiness and excitement in your kid’s eyes will fill your heart like no other.

Daddy Daughter Dance

The one great thing about our kids getting older is doing not only fun things with them but having them understand what’s going on and having them remember these events. One of them being the daddy/daughter dance. Of course I didn’t go, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t excited for them and had fun getting her a dress, corsage and helping Nola get ready for the big date! The great thing about events like these is CJ has a lot of fun with it. He’s a great dad, he really is. I hope someday Nola will look back at this post and just realize how much we love doing things with her, how much she is adored and appreciates the special dates she had with her dad.

Here’s photos before they headed out for their date:

DSC_0010 DSC_0013 isn’t she a beauty!! DSC_0017 how cute is this when she see’s her special corsage DSC_0020 DSC_0030 jonas had to get into the action of course DSC_0027 he’s my total ham!!!  DSC_0025 DSC_0023

Nola’s already looking forward to next year’s dance!!

February Ramblings

Looking back at February, I have to say, things are starting to get aligned in the right direction for this year. January just is seems like a recovery from the holidays and I’m just barely holding things together. But February things are better. I’m thinking by the end of March maybe I can try for any New Year resolutions I may want to implement :).

Highlights for this month was of course Valentine’s Day, daddy/daughter dance, I started a new Bible study/workout class (which has been amazing), I had brunch for a friend’s birthday at Sardine (I highly recommend this place people), I implemented a better schedule of cleaning and thankfully our place is starting to look a little more put together on the norm and CJ and talked about going on dates again (anyone else take a hiatus during the holidays and just never start it up again?). See!! doesn’t it sound like things are looking up?!!

Goals for this year was starting to really decorate the rooms in our home. The plan was to take a room a month, but sadly nothing has been accomplished yet. I hope that we can really get some stuff done in Nola’s room in March, if I do I’ll post some pictures. I also have been researching and pinning away ideas for making a dreamy outdoor living space. Currently we have a poor looking slab of concrete. But I hope someday it will be a place we will want to hangout in all the time in the summer.

watching: Still going strong with This is Us and from Netflix, Chef’s Table & Mind of a Chef. We also recently watched the movie Arrival, which I loved so so much. And the kids are all about Moana these days and I’m ok with that too.

eating: Nothing too exciting sadly. I still make dinner most days, but not any meal really stands out right at this moment. I struggle with if I make something I usually love, the kids won’t eat it and vice versa. If you have any good recipes please share!!

never want to forget: Guys, 2 year old Jonas is everything right now. He’s so smart, funny, silly, sassy and like any mama should be, I’m obsessed with him and this age. Just picture me looking at him with the heart emoji face all day everyday, except for those days he doesn’t take a nap. I’m starting to feel desperate with time, because it is so fleeting. So these days have truly been the best days of my life and the worst knowing how quickly they will be gone. It should go without saying, but if I don’t mention Nola, trust me guys I’m obsessed with both of my kids always. Don’t worry she’s loved and cared for daily. She is amazing. I really love my fam bam.

scared of: Voles (field mice)!! We have them in the rocks in our retaining wall and they are burrowing in our lawn. I can’t you guys, they scare the shit out of me!!! They aren’t in the house and even in the garage, but I just want them not anywhere near our house.

Valentines Day

To keep up tradition and because it’s way too much fun to see how the kids have grown each year, here was our simple, yet very good Valentine’s Day this year:

DSC_0035 Here’s Nola’s cards she made for the class this year! I think she did great and how cool is she….I mean dinosaurs?!?

DSC_0041 Posing with Jonas’s Valentine day balloon in his cheesy underbite smile that I can’t get enough of and notice the spatula, that kid is always taking my cooking utensils!!

DSC_0046 Nola’s flowers

DSC_0043 Playing car wash DSC_0055 DSC_0056 We put together a kind of fancy dinner??? I got some sushi (my kids love it!!) and went with an asian theme for the sides and then I made pavlova’s with cream and berries. It tasted ok and the kids liked them, but they definitely could be improved. My grandma made these so I think they are special and regardless of how they taste, even with mine turning brownish they still look pretty!!

Will I Remember???

When putting Jonas down to sleep tonight I couldn’t help but think, ‘how many more of these special moments do I have with my little guy’? I really enjoy this time with him and I don’t want this along with so many things he does these days to end. These small, repetitive routines are moments I will probably miss the most. And will I remember these moments? I’m scared shitless that I won’t. There’s so many things I feel I haven’t remembered and even things with Nola when she was this age.

There’s a whole slew of reasons why people write, but for me and right now, I write to remember moments with my family.

Tonight, along with most nights, he asks a lot of questions to put off falling asleep. Currently the topic of conversation consists of asking where dada is, papa is, Moana is (we are pretty obsessed with that movie as of late) and the owl we hear outside. I love how it seems like in a nanosecond he is talking to me to him falling into a deep sleep. When he’s sleeping I love looking at his profile. I really love his profile and kind of jealous of it. I am always amazed how much my kids look alike and how I think their button nose is the most sweetest thing. And then I may steal a kiss or two before I head on out.

Nola and Jonas if you ever read this I really really love being your mom. It’s been the best job I’ve ever been given!!