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France_3 Random Paris Photos

You guys remember when we took a vacation to France? Yeah me neither!!! Well I do, but it seems like a lifetime ago and when you have a list as long as a novel of things you need to get done it’s only reasonable that I would hop on here and decide to blog. I procrastinate people.

I decided I am going to do two more posts on Paris, one on museums and another on the Eiffel Tower, so this post is just random fun photos taken while in the city. I was brushing my teeth in my kid’s bathroom the other night bc our mirror’s aren’t up yet and I had this random strong desire to be back in Paris with my little family. It’s weird when those feeling will hit you. But I can’t tell you how much fun it is to go to different places in the world with your people.

Here are the photos if you care to see:

IMG_0278 there was a lot of this the entire trip. they fight, but their love is like no other. also can you see jonas’s eyelashes, they are sooo long, makes this asian mama jealous! IMG_0277 doesn’t she look french here?
IMG_0290 IMG_0314 when you travel with little one’s, some chores will follow you, like sweeping up crumbs from bread and croissants…trust me i wasn’t complaining. IMG_0264 my favorite boys! IMG_0315 IMG_0249 i would do an entire trip to paris just hitting up their markets, they are the best! IMG_9805 IMG_9802 IMG_9550 IMG_9467 farmer market treats IMG_0276 i love this photo and this is also the walkway to our airbnb.