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The Day My Hat was Lost (and also briefly my sanity)

I told Nola, “just use my hat if you have to puke and don’t worry if it gets on your dress, mama can wash it and it will be back to new.” When I got home that baseball hat of mine was full (along with the majority of the backseat). I was living in a dream…a scary dream for the past few days, but I’m hoping that things are on the upswing. I say that, but since coming back from France I also have said I see the light at the end of the tunnel 3 different times now. We literally have now dealt with sinus infections, sore throats, coughs that kept you up all night, migraines, eye infection, loss of smell and taste (this is big for me guys you know my love for food) and since the flu was feeling left out we decided why the heck not, let’s just do you too.

We are onto week three of being sick and though we were pretty down in the dumps emotionally we have hit a turning point to now it’s almost comical???  But truthfully I’m excited to do life again. Maybe check on the new house? make some decisions on some of the 100’s of outstanding items? maybe go on a date? watch tv after the kids are in bed? I’m excited!!!

Guys I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am that these sicknesses will eventually go away. For those families with illnesses, disease, cancer and deal with this day in and day out you are my hero’s and I want to do something for you. Seeing my kids sick like that was heartbreaking. Jonas didn’t even cry and he was vomiting for a good 7 hours straight. Nola also was so brave. She had a terrible night last night (thirsty, drink and puke on repeat) and this morning she told CJ, “thanks for helping me out last night dad”. She’s a good egg you guys. CJ and I joked the kids handled it better than we did. Right before the rest of the family got the flu (I got it first) I was pretty upset and getting down and the dumps and just texted a few friends to pray for me and my family. Prayers do work. My family wasn’t spared from the flu, but I felt the love, I started feeling better, my attitude was turning around and I was able to do my best in trying to help nurture the rest of the gang. So thanks you guys!!

So moving onward to my daunting task of laundry. And I need to mention that there are a few perks to all this sickness. I finally was forced to wash my couch slipcovers. I drink so much more water now (and hope to continue with that). That for 3 weeks of sickness we were able to keep the kids alive!! And lastly I really appreciate my hubs so much…he’s been awesome through all of this.

IMG_0388 In case you are wondering this is how i care for my kids recovering from the flu

Post Vacation Blues

This past Saturday we got back from our family vacation and since then the ‘G’ family has been struggling. Of course it all starts with a cross Atlantic travel day which is never fun, but when it’s with a 1 and 3 year old, forget about it…it’s the worse (i know there is much worse and i’m exaggerating here, but it’s truly not fun). But that being all said, we all agree that it’s worth it! We had a great trip and I can’t wait to do some more posts on it in the near future. Right now we are just trying to get back into our routine. And I should mention it has been HARD trying to get things going again. Today was the first day our kids were kind of back on schedule with the current time zone. Nola now get’s up at 5:30 and we will take that! Our poor Jonas boy has a cold he got from sister and on top with him teething and getting shots yesterday he is struggling. But we really do see light at the end of the tunnel!

In all honesty it is a huge relief that the trip went as planned, everything I booked worked accordingly, no one got seriously sick or hurt (i’m looking at you jonas boy) and at the end of it we got home safely. There’s so much more to consider, and well, worry about when you are traveling with little kids! I also think this will be the last trip we do without taking into consideration the kid’s school schedule more. Which is crazy to think that now we are dictated around spring breaks and summers. I kind of hate that, but what can you do?! And no I am not equipped to do home schooling, though that has crossed my mind.

Here’s a short video CJ put together which was footage on our last day in Paris. We visited a couple of spots where they filmed Amelie (a french movie that cj and i love).